Sardina Systems Introduces the Market’s First Cost-Effective Cloud Solution

London, United Kingdom, December 09, 2023 — Amidst the escalating costs of public cloud services and the trend of cloud exits in 2023, Sardina Systems, a prominent UK-based provider of open-source-powered cloud solutions, introduces its revolutionary Integrated Solution. Built on a foundation of reliable hardware and cutting-edge software, its goal is to transform the European cloud landscape and help EU-based businesses cut their cloud expenses by up to 40%.

For years, public clouds remained a no-brainer for organizations of all sizes. However, the situation is changing dramatically. Various reports indicate that businesses’ cloud costs have already risen by almost 30%, with further increases expected. Key factors contributing to this include rising borrowing costs and a 40% increase in energy costs (which typically account for 10-30% of operating expenses).

Moreover, most of these changes are beyond the businesses’ control and include the worsening global economic situation, energy crisis, and geopolitical conflicts. This means that the ‘cloud bills’ issue will continue to persist, forcing more enterprises to reconsider their budgets and cloud strategy.

In response to that, Sardina Systems’ Integrated Solution emerges as a cost-effective alternative, offering an innovative cloud solution built using open-source technologies. It is designed to tackle the key challenges faced by businesses:

– Rising cloud costs: Sardina Systems’ transparent pricing model is free from hidden fees and unpredictable costs associated with public cloud services. Several evaluations reveal that EU-based businesses can expect to save up to 40%.

– Complex cloud management: Integrated Solution provides a centralized point of contact for hardware and software, which simplifies cloud operations and eliminates the need for multiple vendor relationships – boosting overall cloud efficiency.

– Limited access to innovation: The solution is built on hardware provided by leading companies, like UK-based Vespertec, and the software side is covered by FishOS®, the multiple-award-winning cloud management platform.

Integrated Solution was presented at the Open Source Cloud Strategies and Solutions event, held on November 23rd in Frankfurt, Germany, where experts from all over the DACH region gathered to discuss the latest advancements in open source cloud technologies.

‘We strongly believe that it is the open source cloud industry’s duty to play a pivotal role in using the latest innovations to address the challenges of rising cloud costs,’ says Dr Kenneth Tan, Executive Director at Sardina Systems. “Integrated Solution serves as our commitment to providing businesses with cost-effective and scalable solutions that benefit both cloud service providers and end-users.”