Sensodyne celebrates the festive spirit with #ForTheLoveOfFestiveFavourites campaign


Sensodyne, the leading sensitivity toothpaste from GSK Consumer Healthcare has taken a festive turn with its successful ‘For The Love Of’ campaign. The season of festivals is finally here and there’s no better time to indulge in your favourite treats, without worrying about tooth sensitivity. Festivals such as Durga Puja, Diwali, Eid and Christmas demand special celebrations with our most loved culinary treats, and the #ForTheLoveOfFestiveFavourites campaign is a tribute to all such traditional cuisines without which these festivals are incomplete.

Festivals are all about family time, get-togethers with friends and family and enjoying customary rituals such as having a bowl of chilled kheer, hot gulab jamuns etc. Each one of us have our favourites, whether it is the post-Pujo Rosogolla, late-night Kulfi, piping hot Jalebis, special Malpua, or the pooja special Laddoos. While the festival celebrations may be a little different this year, we should continue to keep the food traditions alive by relishing these delicacies with our loved ones from the safety and comfort of our homes.

#ForTheLoveOfFestiveFavourites campaign has been brought alive through two video films that showcase the little moments and joy of celebrations. The Pujo film, released in early October, shows a group of friends connecting over a video call and enjoying the Puchkas together from the safety of their homes. In the recently released Diwali film, two sisters who cannot travel back to their hometown recreate the magic of Nani’s Malpua under her supervision and guidance over a video call. Through both the films, Sensodyne urges you to keep the festive traditions alive and enjoy your favourite foods without the worry of tooth sensitivity. The digital-first campaign and will be promoted on various digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Speaking on the initiative, Ms. Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Lead- Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare elaborated, “This year, the festive season is all the more special as one will be around their close family and friends, celebrating the smaller joys in life. Our campaign beautifully weaves the current scenario with the traditions of the festive season, encouraging people to make the most of their favourite delicacies without worrying about tooth sensitivity.”

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