Serial entrepreneur, Manan Sharma Vashisht acquires tech branding partners, ReBrandGurus

Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director at ReBrandGurus
Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director at ReBrandGurus

New Delhi: Having achieved profound milestones in business acquisitions and mergers, this serial entrepreneur, Manan Sharma Vashisht acquired ReBrandGurus, tech branding partners, with the vision to empower the digitization in marketing space as a preferred profession rather than a vocational option.

Through ReBrandGurus, the flamboyant entrepreneur strives to bring in reformatory changes that will liberalize the structure in the workplace. He is determined to create a workplace with 60 per cent female employees aimed at empowering the women in not just the metropolitan cities but also tier II and III cities.

Considering that there resides a lot of unrecognizable female talent beyond the boundaries of metro cities who lack the proper guidance, ReBrandGurus, acknowledges and channelizes their talent in the right direction for creating a pool of integrated asset.

The company focuses acutely on the training and retention of the employees. Where the industry stands at 50 per cent employee retention, ReBrandGurus exercises 95 per cent retention. Employees undergoing the process of integrated skill development do justice to their work and empower the jobs.

Under the leadership of Manan Sharma Vashisht, the company recognizes and acknowledges the actual worth of the employees. It does not follow the conventional trend of the industry where a large team is hired at a low pay scale. Instead, a small team of highly proficient and dedicated employees is hired who are credited judicially for their work.

On the occasion, Manan Sharma Vashisht, the Founder of ReBrandGurus said, “Considering that rebranding has become the biggest means of revenue generation, I wanted to bring phenomenal changes to the sector directed towards the integrated growth and development of the employees, leading to an inclusive and cooperative culture in the workspace.”

Currently, the company has global presence with offices located in Sheridan, Wyoming; Dallas in the US and in India it operates from Noida. It has expansion plans for employee growth aimed at making each employee completely independent at ReBrand Gurus.