Sip the Kings Royale Coffee made with Vietnamese Arabica Coffee Beans!

Kings Royale Coffee

There’s no better feeling than the first sip of coffee! Kings Coffee is a home grown brand that delights its patrons with an enigmatic experience of coffee beans in cold brews and drip coffees. The brand successfully gives its customers a taste and experience of Robusta Coffee famous in Vietnam and Arabica Coffee, a widely popular beverage in America. Made with handpicked beans from the two counties, the coffee beans are rich in flavour and leave one with an ultimate royale experience!

The brand was founded by Mr Abhishek Khurana Founder who worked in his fathers business after completing his education. Honing a passion and drive to create a legacy, his excitement towards food, led him to enter the F&B industry. In 2018, Abhishek started King’s Coffee, after months of hard work and traveling all over India to find a manufacturing unit, he found a partner in Vietnam. Vietnam continues to be the number 2 coffee producer in the world and a coffee drinking nation. Currently, Abhishek has two home brands Kings Coffee and Harvey that are available Pan-India and are serving our coffee to more than 5000-7000 outlets, cinemas, cafes, airports and more locations.

The founder Abhishek whilst speaking about the inspiration behind the brand stated ‘India is one of the top 10 coffee producers in the world, yet no Indian coffee brand has reached global success’. His inspiration stemmed from this and the fact that Abhishek felt there was no brand present in the Indian market that offered good ready to drink coffee with immaculate packaging. Kings Coffee is a brand that has been created specifically for the Indian market purely with love to cater to the Indian palette, leaving all fellow Indians feeling royale!

The motto of the brand ‘Sip Kings & Feel Royale’ exudes positivity. The thought behind it is simple: anyone who picks up or brew’s King’s coffee should feel like they are ready to tackle the rest of the day. The coffee is all about feeling like a king, and this is the positive energy that the brand name aims to give customers with ofcourse the taste of the coffee.

Some of the best selling flavours carried by the brand are the Original and the Mocha. The brand has separate segments and products targeting young adults and teens, in urban areas with mid and high income groups. The coffee brand is ideal for those who are searching for something premium yet affordable and have an Indian palette.

The brand has its presence Pan India in 38 cities, and for the future, the brand sees itself selling globally and launching its own cafe outlets all over India. Kings Coffee is currently in discussions to launch the ready to drink and hot brew coffee in GCC countries and is targeting launching on amazon global. Expansion to other countries remains high on the brand’s future plans.

The brand retails on its own website and is available to buy on third party websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket and Snapdeal.

Delve into the world of exquisite coffee heaven with the choicest coffee beans from King’s Coffee.

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