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We give you petcare advice every single day, but today, we want to take a break from that and show you what goes behind the curtain of building a startup. Long story short, behind the curtain isn’t always rosy. 😬

We take pride in speaking to and caring for our people on a personal level. If you’ve ever interacted with us, you’d know that our Pet Relationship Managers speak to you one on one to find the product or service that’ll help your pet in the best way possible. But earlier this week, our messaging software glitched and everyone got wrongly addressed messages – way to go on personal connect. If only you could’ve been behind the curtain that day. 😅

Cutting to the chase we decided to send an apology, and you guys – why are you the best?! ❤ We got so many replies telling us you understood building businesses are hard, some just sent love our way, and some were downright hilarious! And it showed us why we began Supertails – to build the kindest, most loving community of pet parents.🤗

So this is us, giving you a little peek into what you don’t see – passionate people creating something from the ground up for a growing pet parent community in India. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.

If we’ve ever fallen short on our promises, this is our apology to you. If we’ve ever done well, this is our promise that we’ll do better. For you, and for your pets. 🐶🐱

We love you. ❤

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