Synersoft is organizing a two-day Webinar on ‘Lean and Mean IT Infrastructure for SMEs’

11th February 2022: Synersoft, India’s leading SME-focused IT company is organizing a 2 days Webinar. The aim of this free-of-cost webinar is to help Indian SMEs in overcoming obstacles posed by the adoption of information technology. As a part of the programme, we have curated a list of webinars to help MSMEs turn the tide of the pandemic and grow their business. As a part of that series, Synersoft is proud to present the webinar on “Lean and Mean IT Infrastructure for SMEs” on 15th February 2022 at 3 pm & “13 Serious IT-Problems faced by SMEs” on 24th February 2022 at 3 pm onwards.

The adoption of digital assets is accelerating as the technology is maturing, regulatory tailwinds are increasing, and demand is growing from SME customers. The shift that is underway will have a profound impact across many industries, primarily for IT. Digital assets are altering the way we exchange value, where the benefits include reduced settlement and increased liquidity for multiple asset classes. Join the discussion with Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-founder & CEO, of Synersoft Technologies to find out what digital assets mean for your business and a pragmatic approach to getting started.

The speaker of the Webinar will be Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder & CEO at Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Webinar: Day 1

Date: 15.02.2022

Time: 15:00 Hours

Topic – Lean and Mean IT Infrastructure for SMEs

Light on Pocket and Brilliant on Security

In this session, Mr. Vishal Shah will demonstrate how to take a bold decision by defying convention. He’ll discuss how SMEs can afford to have cutting-edge IT infrastructure.

So, if you want to transform your business into IT infrastructure. Join the free webinar and learn these new methods.

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Webinar: Day 2

Date: 24.02.2022

Time: 15:00 Hours

Topic – On Design Thinking to solve 13 Serious SME-IT Problems

The speaker will narrate 13 Serious Problems faced by most SMEs. He will also present a unique design thinking approach on how to solve them. This will also include a live demonstration of effective solutions.

Join this webinar to restructure the working environment of your organization.

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