Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: What suits your style? Valentine’s Day 2022: Gifts that stand the test of time

Chennai: Nothing brings us closer together like Valentine’s Day’s thoughtful gestures and expressions of love. Given the challenges we’ve faced throughout these recent years, and as the beauty of shared moments allow us to slink away from the volatility of modern life, we recommend lavishing your loved ones with gifts, attention, and everything else they deserve this year. With a little foresight, you can pull off the greatest Valentine’s surprises when the time is winding down to the end of the day.

We’ve compiled a list of options from QNET that will always remind your loved one of you:

Mugnier Mode Cinetique Ladies:

A contemporary piece like the Mugnier Cinetique is a classic all-rounder that embodies eternal class for the fashion-forward woman.

Mugnier is an exquisite, polished aesthetic statement with Pink Mother of Pearl and silver indexes, defying the passage of time with components that are always stylish.

These small yet majestic pieces enhance the visual attractiveness, charm, and a feeling of light and carefree style – making it a unique piece that everyone should own.

Mugnier Invictus Macros Men’s watch:

With its dark, gleaming face, evoking a sense of mystery reminiscent of the ocean’s inky depths. This showstopper ignites a fearless strength and is an extraordinarily dynamic timepiece with its dark, shining face.

It features a high-grade stainless-steel frame with a black PVD coating and a black dial with rose gold indices, allowing you to seek adventure at every turn while gliding into boundless horizons.

Bold, powerful, and intimidating. The wristwatches in this series have clean designs inspired by modern sailing.

Mugnier Invictus Bleue Ladies Watch:

A watch for the modern lady to enjoy the simple pleasures and joys of life.

The Mugnier Invictus Bleue Ladies Watch exudes classic elegance and is the ideal accessory for individuals who cherish the essence of time and style. The perfect companion, complete with only the best materials that reflect supremacy in function and style, delighting the eye with the dance of blue against rose gold on the clock.

This Swiss beauty features blue straps, blue Mother of Pearl with a rose gold dial, and an anti-reflective coating on a single curved sapphire crystal that will complement any outfit and add that final touch.