United We Care takes a unique musical approach to encourage people to open up about mental health issues with a rap song called Baat Karo

Shumita Kakkar, United We Care
Shumita Kakkar, United We Care

New Delhi, March 24, 2021: United We Care, an app- and web-based platform for your emotional well-being and happier you, has adopted a novel musical approach to say Baat Karo about mental health issues. The brand has done this through a rap song performed by two underprivileged youngsters Rajesh Singh (19) and his sister, Neelam Singh (21). This is the first time that a brand has taken a completely unique approach to addressing the taboo on talking about mental health.

United We Care frequently undertakes campaigns to raise awareness around mental health issues, which is the first step. Their campaigns usually center around open conversations around mental health issues and removing the stigma and fear of being judged. Their platform helps people get access to tools that help convert negative thoughts into positive conversations. Baat Karo is also a means to highlight the challenges people faced during the pandemic and the determination displayed by some to turn it into an opportunity rather than a setback.

Speaking about this, Shumita Kakkar, Founder, United We Care, said, “More than 26 crore people all over the world suffer from depression and other mental health challenges, and are often subjected to stigma. It is not uncommon to see people consider panic attacks as attention grabbing tactics. We decided to do something impactful to highlight the severity of the situation by recording a song by two talented youngsters from the underprivileged section of the society. Through this rap song, we endeavour to make people aware of the mental health problems in a different way. By opting for something that is popular among modern youth, we believe they will relate to the problem better. We want to be able to develop a mindset where people don’t shy away from mental health discussions.”

Rajesh is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University and also works part time at a Gurgaon Mall to financially support his family. He expresses himself through writing and rap. Neelam Singh has given vocals to this song, and just like her brother, she is also pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree and working part time.

United We Care focuses on the root causes of a problem and aims to be the support system that is usually missing in the fast-paced digital world today. The brand’s emotional health virtual assistant Stella is available to chat or talk to users 24×7. Stella can help with Basic CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) CAT (Cognitive analytical therapy), humanistic, interpersonal or couple therapy. Stella is a one-of-her-kind assistant with the ability to move negative sentiments to positive conversations. The brand is also set to launch a new talk called Mind Over Matter about stories of successful people sharing their emotional highs and lows.

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