ZeroOutages Announces Enterprise SASE Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

ZeroOutages, a leader in enterprise SASE, today announced a tailored version of its SASE solutions for the manufacturing sector. ZeroOutages launched these services with R&D Altanova/Advantest, a leading supplier of semi-conductor test equipment.

ZeroOutages provides comprehensive SASE solutions for the enterprise. These services ensure scalable, reliable, and secure wide-area network connectivity for branch offices, remote workers, and remote data center resources.

ZeroOutages SASE solutions integrate with AWS, Azure and other data center providers via its CloudHub service, uniquely tailed for the manufacturing sector, with virtualized hubs throughout the US, along with Europe, Japan, China, Australia, and India.

Manufactures that produce goods around the world are looking to SASE as the future of their wide-area network deployments, replacing traditional MPLS, and direct private connections in order to provide a more dynamic network which can change on-demand as needs change.

Enterprise customers that deploy ZeroOutages SASE for their wide-area network get four primary components, FlexPREM secure SD-WAN services, FlexPOINT cybersecurity and remote access VPN, FlexSTREAM content filtering and cloud-based SSL inspection, and ZeroOutages unique managed threat response services, with detailed attack analysis from SophosLabs.

FlexPREM secure SD-WAN provides reliable wide-area network connectivity, replacing MPLS, dedicate private links, and legacy VPN solutions. FlexPREM guarantees uptime via built-in redundant circuits, guarantees security via end-to-end encryption, and guarantees cost efficiency by providing on-demand scalability and virtualized IP addressing.

FlexPOINT delivers next generation ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) for enterprise customers looking for a simpler remote worker environment. FlexPOINT incorporates both endpoint cybersecurity (ransomware, malware and anti-virus) along with application level remote VPN functionality. FlexPOINT allows enterprise organizations to more easily manage their office and remote workers via a centralized web-based portal.

FlexSTREAM analyzes site-to-site and remote worker to data resource traffic to block and report on malicious activities. FlexSTREAM incorporates both content filtering (website blocking based on categories and content) along with application layer traffic inspection to make sure that end-user requests and responses are void of potential hazardous data which could be used to execute attacks on the organizations mission critical infrastructure.

“ZeroOutages’ enterprise SASE solutions are cost effective and comprehensive, no other SASE solution on the market can claim the feature set provided by ZeroOutages, along with our on-demand framework which keeps costs down for our customers.” – Daren French, VP Business Development, ZeroOutages

One of ZeroOutages most unique capabilities is the Managed Threat Response aspect of its enterprise SASE services. ZeroOutages’ will monitor the customers networks 24/7/365 and in the event of an attack, ZeroOutages will work with its strategic partner SophosLabs (an organization with hundreds of dedicated and certified security engineers), to deliver a detailed report, including network map of the attack, how the attack was mitigated and recommendations to prevent future attempted intrusions.