InnoVision Marketing Group Shines with Creativity & Results with Content Marketing Award at 2024 Sandie Awards

InnoVision Marketing Group, a global, bilingual, full-service marketing agency, is proud to announce its recent win at the Sandie Awards

SAN DIEGO- May 17, 2024– InnoVision Marketing Group, a global, bilingual, full-service marketing agency, is proud to announce its recent win at the Sandie Awards in the content marketing category for the creative “Find Your PersonaliTEA” campaign launched for their client, Krak Boba, an innovative bubble tea brand based in Southern California.

The Sandie Awards recognize the work of San Diego-based agencies and their marketing campaigns across a number of categories. InnoVision Marketing Group launched this innovative campaign last year, set to revolutionize the way people experience and perceive bubble tea. With a compelling new commercial and a creative strategy aimed at showcasing the diverse world of bubble tea, the agency showcased that Krak Boba has a drink for every PersonaliTEA, from boba connoisseurs to first-time sippers. To view the new brand commercial and different types of PersonaliTEAs, please click here.

The commercial’s focal point is to encourage newcomers to embrace the refreshing world of bubble tea by communicating that there’s a perfect drink for every personality. To achieve this, InnoVision introduced the concept of “PersonaliTEAs,” aligning people’s personalities with different types of bubble tea drinks. Each PersonaliTEA is designed to break down taste and lifestyle profiles into relatable and delicious flavor options, eliminating any hesitation associated with trying bubble tea for the first time.

Since its launch, the campaign has achieved extraordinary results. Krak Boba has received both local and national attention from franchise-leading publications such as Fast Casual, Trend Hunter, Food & Beverage Magazine, QSR Magazine and more.

The strategic PR campaigns sharing the PersonaliTEAs, menu items and the grand opening events from the brand resulted in earning over $56,500 in earned media value from October 2023 to January 2024. This indicates a significant positive response from local media outlets and fast casual outlets, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaigns in getting attention around the Krak Boba brand. They also have over 20 new locations sold.

On digital, the creative achieved great performance in an extremely competitive vertical. Per Meta’s Insights, this industry saw a growth of 7.41% year over year, so, while in a competitive and a growing market, Krak Boba’s creative and campaign performed well above industry standards. There were over 300,000 actions taken on the Krak Boba Facebook and Instagram profiles after a user saw the ad, which speaks to great ad recall.

“We are honored to be recognized with the Gold Content Marketing Award at the 2024 Sandie Awards and feel grateful to work with visionary brands like Krak Boba that trust us to push the boundaries of creativity to bring their product to new audiences,” says Giselle Campos, Sr. Vice President/Sr. Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group. “As fans of the bubble tea category, we had so much fun developing the PersonaliTEA concept and are proud to have helped to expand awareness of the category.”

The recent Sandie Award reflects InnoVision Marketing group’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of creativity, reaching great success with campaigns that resonate with consumers. The agency continues to redefine these standards to bring fresh, new and exciting ideas for each client.

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