Insta-Revolution: India Surpasses U.S. to Claim Instagram Throne

Celebrating Instagram's Global Reach: The Ten Nations With Influential Voices

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In the ever-changing realm of social media, Instagram stands out as a hub, linking users worldwide. Now, India reigns supreme as the country with the most Instagram users – a surprising takeover as they snatch the crown from previous giants the USA.

Joe D. from FATJOE presents a ranked list of countries boasting the highest number of Instagram users, highlighting the renowned social media bloggers shaping the digital landscape in each nation.

Countries with the Highest Number of Instagram Users: A Global Ranking For 2024



Instagram followers



362.9 million


United States

169.6 million



134.6 million



100.9 million



57.1 million



55.4 million



44.8 million


United Kingdom

33.1 million



27.8 million



27 million

India: Priyanka Chopra – Bollywood Royalty on Instagram

Claiming the top spot, India now boasts the largest number of Instagram users. Iconic Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra takes center stage among India’s Instagram stars, effortlessly blending traditional Indian elegance with a modern, global appeal, captivating millions around the world. Priyanka’s humanitarian efforts also shine through her Instagram, adding depth to her digital persona and fostering a sense of community engagement among her followers.

United States: Kylie Jenner – Reigning Queen of American Influencers

The United States secures a prominent position in second place, driven by the likes of influential ‘grammer Kylie Jenner. As Joe says, ‘The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling has become a social media mogul, shaping trends and captivating audiences with her lifestyle and beauty content.’ Kylie’s business ventures, including her cosmetic empire, have turned her Instagram into a dynamic platform that offers a glimpse into both her personal and professional life.

Brazil: Anitta – Samba Beats and Social Media Feats

Brazil’s Instagram landscape pulses with energy, mirroring the nation’s lively spirit. Anitta, the Brazilian pop sensation, infuses the platform with vibrant colors, music, and an unapologetic celebration of Brazilian culture. Anitta’s Instagram not only showcases her music career but also serves as a platform for discussions on social issues.

Indonesia: Atta Halilintar – Archipelago’s Instagram Star

Indonesia emerges as a rising force, fueled by the charisma of stars like Atta Halilintar. The multi-talented influencer shares his adventurous lifestyle, showcasing Indonesia’s beauty and modern lifestyle to a global audience. Atta’s philanthropic endeavors, highlighted on his Instagram, contribute to his popularity, creating a positive impact beyond the realm of social media.

Turkey: Burak Özçivit – Bridging Tradition and Trend

Turkey’s Instagram influencers bridge tradition and trend seamlessly, and none more so than actor Burak Özçivit. Joe says, ‘With his suave style and engaging content, Burak serves as an Instagram icon, presenting a captivating blend of Turkish culture and contemporary aesthetics.’ Beyond his acting career, Burak uses his Instagram platform to promote cultural exchange and appreciation, fostering a sense of global unity.

Japan: Yuka Kinoshita – Aesthetic Marvels on Instagram

Japan’s Instagram community is enriched by Yuka Kinoshita, a food enthusiast known for her incredibly aesthetic posts. Her unique blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern creativity has captured the attention of global audiences. As Joe says, ‘Yuka’s Instagram not only showcases her love for food but also serves as a visual journey through Japan’s culinary traditions and innovations.’

Mexico: Luisito Comunica – Colors and Culture Fiesta on Instagram

Mexico’s Instagram scene is a vibrant fiesta, all led by Luisito Comunica. The popular vlogger brings the festivities to a global audience, sharing the rich tapestry of Mexican culture through his dynamic and colorful posts. Luisito’s engagement with his followers goes beyond entertainment, as he actively involves them in his travel adventures, creating a sense of shared exploration.

United Kingdom: David Beckham – Influential Voice in the Digital Realm

Not just famous for his exploits on the pitch, the UK’s top Instagram star is the iconic David Beckham. Joe says, ‘The former footballer and fashion icon embodies British charm and creativity, leaving a lasting impact on the platform.’ David’s Instagram provides a glimpse into his family life and philanthropic activities, showcasing a well-rounded personality that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Germany: Pamela Reif – Precision and Passion in Instagram Content

Germany’s Instagram influencers showcase precision and passion, personified by fitness influencer Pamela Reif. Her visually appealing content resonates with audiences locally and internationally, making her a prominent figure in the German Instagram scene. Pamela’s Instagram not only promotes fitness but also emphasizes self-love and mental well-being.

Argentina: Lionel Messi – Tangoing Through Instagram Fame

Completing the list is the football legend Lionel Messi, who adds his flair to Argentina’s vibrant Instagram community. Messi’s posts provide a glimpse into his life and interests, contributing to the dynamic cultural scene of Argentina on Instagram. Lionel’s Instagram goes beyond his sporting achievements, showcasing his involvement in charitable initiatives and environmental causes, adding depth to his digital presence.

Joe states, ‘Instagram remains a powerful medium, connecting people globally through the creativity and storytelling of these influential celebrities.’

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