Author Aubrey Moore’s New Book, Another Time Machine Tale: In the Wild West

Author Aubrey Moore’s New Book, Another Time Machine Tale: In the Wild West

Dallas, TX, November 28, 2023 — Aubrey Moore, who started his book-writing career at the age of eighty, has completed his new book, “Another Time Machine Tale: In the Wild West”: an entertaining narrative that takes readers along for an unforgettable adventure.

Author Aubrey Moore spent nine years in the US Air Force. Afterward, he worked five years as a computer operator, seven years as a programmer, three years as an instructor, two years as a technical writer, and two years as a telecommunications analysis engineer. He is a pastor and has performed three marriages. During his time between jobs, he worked as a plastics machine operator.

Aubrey has been married three times. He fathered two children with his first wife. She divorced him after sixteen years. His second wife died of cancer. At the time of this writing, his third wife is in a nursing home. He lives in Texas. His son lives in Washington, and his daughter lives in Oregon. He has one grandson (through his son).

Aubrey served in Vietnam and was captured for a short period of time by the North Vietnamese. Aubrey is a 100 percent disabled veteran.

Aubrey writes, “During the trip, they picked up a girl hitchhiker who had a jealous ex-boyfriend, who chased Jimmy and Brian and, during an altercation, pulled a gun at the van. Immediately, Brian grabbed the remote and sent the van to another time period. This confused Bill because they vanished before him. Bill became bitter toward Jimmy and Brian for taking Sally away from him.”