Author David Newell’s New Book Sarah Jane

Author David Newell’s New Book, Sarah Jane

Woodbury, CT, November 28, 2023 — David Newell, who was born into a large family in New England, has completed his new book, “Sarah Jane”: a heart-wrenching novel that takes readers back to 1872 when a Vermont farm family adopts a runaway Black boy.

The family unit is solid and includes him in their daily lives. Unfortunately, Vermont is not known for its diversity. Things are not as harmonious as one would expect, but they prevail.

Author David Newell spent summers as an early adult with his siblings in West Wardsboro, Vermont, at his father’s family farm. He went on to become a teacher, a selectman of his town, and a twenty-year member of his two-town school board.

David owned and operated his family hardware store for twenty years. His first published work was a true children’s story entitled “Petey and Quackers.” He resides with his wife in Woodbury, Connecticut. They have two children and one grandchild.

David writes, “Chris was to graduate from high school in May. Every other weekend, he would set up a booth at the farmers’ market in Newfane, where he sold eggs and vegetables from his expansive garden. It was at one of these gatherings that he met Ann, who ran a similar booth with produce from her father’s farm in East Dover. Chris said they were just friends who liked to hang out and talk, that they weren’t serious or anything. Well, that was what Chris said anyway.”