Author Jack Griggs’s New Book, In Search of the Beanstalk

Author Jack Griggs’s New Book, In Search of the Beanstalk

Oologah, OK, November 28, 2023 — Jack Griggs, a loving husband and father as well as a retired law enforcement executive, has completed his new book, “In Search of the Beanstalk”: a gripping memoir about the family history and life of the author, written to preserve his family’s history by recounting some of the amusing events and episodes of their humble beginnings and their journey to self-sufficiency.

Over the course of his career, author Jack Griggs worked in four law enforcement agencies, serving as Chief of Police in the last two. In addition to serving in the US Air Force and his work in law enforcement, Griggs also served on several community-based organizations, including several Chambers of Commerce, the YMCA, Rotary Clubs, and County Law Enforcement executive groups.

The author holds a BA in criminal justice and an MA in criminal justice, along with an MS in management. After his retirement, he continued to serve his community on the local Chamber of Commerce, the OTEMS Ambulance Board, United Way, and the Youth Athletic Board. He was also Chairman of the Retired California Police Chief’s Hospitality Group.

Griggs shares, “Although we were ‘poor’ and our family persevered through many hardships, levity made many of them tolerable, and the humorous stories were retold many times at family gatherings. My book will cover my family’s background and my life from birth through adulthood.

“All my life, my family often gathered together in one place or another, and shortly thereafter, stories of our life were told time and again. Now in my later years, I have noticed that some of the words of the stories had changed over the years from the original events, and some of the details were lost in the telling. Hearing my older siblings retell the stories, I noticed that time had intervened, and much of the event details that I remembered had been lost to them. Now as we have lost quite a few of the older family members and the ones that are left have fading memories, I decided to start writing the stories as they originally were told so that everyone in the family could have the benefit of the family history and humorous stories just as they had happened.”