Author Jolene Lewis’s New Book, Who Needs Girls

Author Jolene Lewis’s New Book, Who Needs Girls

Healdton, OK, June 11, 2024 –– Jolene Lewis, who completed her BS in secondary education in Texas before moving to Oklahoma where she earned her master’s degree and National Board certification, has completed her new book, “Who Needs Girls?: Book I”: a charming story that centers around Dink, a young boy who saves up for a horse of his own and, with the help of his sisters, discovers that the horse he wants may not be the horse he truly needs.

A member of the Choctaw tribe, author Jolene Lewis spent years working as a teacher across the states of Texas and Oklahoma, where she currently resides with her husband. Writing and horses have always been her passions, and now that her children are grown with children of their own, she has time to devote to bringing these two passions together. Lewis believes reading opens the door to the world, but like all skills, must be practiced to reap its benefits.

“Dink feels outnumbered among his four sisters,” writes Lewis. “As far as Dink can see, they cause him nothing but trouble. After saving his money for a horse, Dink refuses to consider adding another girl to the family. His new horse will definitely be a boy.

“When Dink goes to pick out his perfect cow horse, the whole family goes along. After searching the entire herd at Mr. Jackson’s ranch, he finds the perfect one: Socks, a red gelding. His four sisters, however, fall in love with a scrawny, flea-bitten, old mare named Goldie.

“Goldie, a retired circus horse, takes a liking to Dink. He tries to ignore the affection of the mare and concentrate on the horse of his dreams. Socks fits all the requirements for Dink’s perfect horse; Goldie does not. Dink chooses Socks which disappoints his sisters. When the family returns to the ranch a few days later to pick up Socks, Dink’s life gets complicated. He is no longer sure that Socks is perfect.”