CBSE Collaborates with Pearl Academy for Capacity Building Training Program

India, 24 April 2024: Pearl Academy, in collaboration with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), hosted a one-day capacity-building training program for educators from CBSE-affiliated schools, in the field of Textile Design. Organised at Pearl Academy’s Rajouri Garden campus in Delhi, the program provided a comprehensive platform for 65 teachers from Delhi and Chandigarh to refine their skills.

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The session advocated for nurturing creativity sustainably and emphasised the importance of eco-friendly practices in Textile Design. Participants were introduced to textile innovation adopted by some of the leading industry players such as Dupont and Lenzing Scholler in line with key sustainable practices.

Currently, only 42 government and government-aided schools in Delhi offer Textile Science, but this will soon transition to a more holistic program called Apparel Science. This transition aligns with sustainable practices by integrating textile science principles such as understanding fibres, dyeing techniques, and weaving methods into the existing curriculum.

The program was facilitated by experienced faculty members from Pearl Academy, including Ms. Sharda Nautiyal, Associate Professor of Fashion Design, Ms. Saroj Bala, Professor of Fashion Design, and Ms. Paridhi Dhanuka, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design. The sessions covered key areas, including the Basics of Fabric and Fibre Testing, Block and Screen Printing, Weaving Structure, and Innovation in Smart Textiles.

Speaking about the collaboration focusing on the professional development of the teachers, Jyoti, Assistant Secretary, Department of Skill Education, CBSE, said, “CBSE is happy to collaborate with Pearl Academy to equip its teachers with cutting-edge technology and insights in textile design. This training program will enhance their professional growth as well as enrich the student learning experiences. With a vast network of schools, CBSE remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing teaching methodologies. Investing in the capacity building of educators is paramount to us, as they are pivotal in driving the transformative change we aspire to see in foundational education.”

“It is a moment of immense pride for us to have been chosen by CBSE for this pivotal capacity-building program. With India’s vibrant textile industry poised for exponential growth, it’s imperative to equip educators with the latest advancements and techniques in textile design. Our partnership with CBSE signifies a shared commitment to empowering educators with the latest innovations and methodologies in textile design. By fostering interactive and hands-on learning experiences, we aim to enhance the professional development of educators, ultimately benefiting students across the nation. By championing sustainability and creativity, we are not just shaping educators but nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow’s textile landscape. This initiative not only showcases Pearl Academy’s academic excellence but also reinforces our dedication to shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for the industry”, added Aditi Srivastava, President of Pearl Academy.

The holistic experiential learning environment provided by state-of-the art labs at Pearl Academy offered invaluable insights into design thinking and also highlighted the valued engagement in the classroom. The one-day training session concluded with an accreditation ceremony, acknowledging the dedication of all participants.