IIHMR University to train 100 Administrative Nursing Cadre for the Government of Madhya Pradesh

IIHMR University known as the Global Public Health Hub and an institution garnering excellence in Public Health and Higher Education in the healthcare sector has concluded a Management Training Programme for the Administrative Nursing Cadre for the Government of Madhya Pradesh. IIHMR University has conducted multiple Management Development Programmes for the healthcare cadre both Government and privately owned institutions across various states. The Management Training for Administrative Nursing Cadre for Government of Madhya Pradesh will be in three phases. The first phase has trained23 Nurses that belong to various senior and junior level hierarchies.

Dr. PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University said, “IIHMR University’s Management Development Programmes are specialised and research based and because of this we work with many Governments and international agencies for capacity development in healthcare cadre. This Management training programme has been conducted with the aim to train nurses at different hierarchies, who are working at Government Hospitals/ Health Centres in Madhya Pradesh. The Training programme focused on behavioural and clinical skills along with experiential learning through visit to various Government facilities.”

The recent pandemic has shown data facts that there was a shortage of nursing staff. According to Union health ministry data, there are just 1.7 nurses per 1,000 people in India, which is less than the WHO’s prescribed minimum of 3. Capacity building programmes during COVID-19 has been an important aspect which has been laid by the Government too.

Dr. Shiv K Tripathi, Professor, Dean Training, IIHMR University said, “through this capacity building programme, we will be training 100 nurses from Madhya Pradesh in 3 batches. The overall aim of the training programme is to enhance management and administrative skills of nursing managers and administrators. The training is intended to create and share good understanding of different functional and behavioural competencies, required to delivering high quality and people centric nursing services.”

Mrs. JwalaArsey, State Consultant, Madhya Pradesh said, “We are glad that IIHMR University has given an opportunity to all the Nursing Cadre across various hierarchies from MP to be a part of this training programme. We are hopeful that all the nurses and the cadre that have been trained today shall implement what they have learnt during this training programme.”

Through this Management Training, the Administrative Nursing Cadre for Government of Madhya Pradesh shall understand the emerging approaches to effectively manage nursing services. It will also help them to effectively manage the supply-chain (pharmaceutical) operations involved in planning and delivery of nursing services. The Nursing cadre will also be able to manage the professional and ethical behaviour in service delivery.

The Management Development Programmes at IIHMR University have always been dedicated where participants learn to examine the economic, political, social, and ethical demands of top leadership and broaden their vision, navigate critical business challenges, and ignite change both personally and professionally. They gain a new perspective, actionable business strategies, and leadership development in the academically rigorous program with and experience that will impact the trajectory of their careers, providing strategic skills and connections that will last for a lifetime.