IIT Roorkee’s Sanskrit Club Achieves Milestone in Promoting Sanskrit Education

Kochi, Kerala, India – In a commendable effort to promote Sanskrit education and Indian knowledge systems, IIT Roorkee’s Sanskrit Club, in collaboration with Samskrita Bharati, presented the book “SubhashitaSamskritam” to honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during his visit to Kochi, Kerala. The book, containing 108 Sanskrit aphorisms along with detailed meanings and explanations, stems from the success of an online course conducted in the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In response to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, IIT Roorkee’s Sanskrit Club initiated a pioneering 5-level online course, “SubhashitaSamskritam,” in mid-2020 in partnership with Samskrita Bharati. The course aimed to impart Sanskrit knowledge through the study of 108 Subhashitams. The material used for this course has now been compiled into a book published by Samskrita Bharati in 2023. The book was released during the inaugural session of the National Youth Conference on Indian Knowledge Systems on August 25, 2023, at IIT Roorkee.

Approximately 14,000 individuals registered for the course, with an encouraging diversity in age groups. Of the participants, nearly 1,350 were below 18 years old, and around 8,400 fell within the 18-40 age group. The first level, focusing on basic conversational Sanskrit, witnessed completion by nearly 5,100 participants from 32 countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged this achievement by sending a letter of appreciation to the Director of IIT Roorkee.

The subsequent four levels of the course delved deeper into Sanskrit knowledge, culminating in the completion of the five-level program by early 2021. The dedication of the participants and the success of the course paved the way for the creation of the “SubhashitaSamskritam” book.

During his visit to Kochi, Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi graciously received the book, which was presented on behalf of IIT Roorkee and Samskrita Bharati by the authors. The book, with its detailed explanations and meanings, serves as a valuable resource for enthusiasts seeking to delve into the rich tapestry of Sanskrit wisdom.

The first edition of “SubhashitaSamskritam” has seen overwhelming success, with 3,000 copies nearly sold out. Due to popular demand, the book is set to undergo a reprint and will soon be available for purchase on Samskrita Bharati’s website. For more information, interested individuals can contact sanskritclub@iitr.ac.in.

Director IIT Roorkee, Prof. KK Pant said, “At IIT Roorkee, we believe in the timeless significance of our cultural and linguistic heritage. ‘SubhashitaSamskritam’ is not just a book; it’s a testament to our commitment to preserving and promoting the profound wisdom encapsulated in the Sanskrit language. This endeavor reflects our dedication to fostering a deeper understanding of India’s ancient knowledge systems.”

IIT Roorkee’s Sanskrit Club is a leading force in promoting Sanskrit education and preserving India’s ancient knowledge systems. The success of their comprehensive online course, spanning five levels and exploring 108 Subhashitams, is a testament to the institution’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting India’s cultural and linguistic heritage. Through dedicated efforts, the Sanskrit Club actively fosters an appreciation for the Sanskrit language and culture through various showcased activities and events on multiple platforms.