Ushoshi Senguptaaa Productions Hosts ‘Unbroken’ Screening

Kolkata, 23 May, 2024 – Ushoshi Senguptaaa Productions & Digital Nerve in association with Ishwar Sankalpa & Over A Cup Of Tea, Therapy India hosted a special screening of the film Unbroken today at Warehouse Café.


Unbroken is produced by Miss Universe-India 201- and Actor Ms. Ushoshi Sengupta, and directed by Mr. Ayan Sil. The movie cast includes: Tuhina Das, Gourab Chatterjee, Devlina Kumar, Sauraseni Maitra, Rishav Basu, Usashi Ray, Rajdeep Gupta, Srijala Guha, Niranjan Mondal, Singini Chowdhury, Alkaria Hashmi. The music is composed by Kuntal De and penned by Nilesh bhattacharya. The movie captivates audiences with its heartfelt storytelling which explores the theme of grief and how individuals try to process it.

According to the director, Mr Ayan Sil, “Denial, anger, anxiety, depression, the feeling of helplessness and finally acceptance are areas which are generally sought by individuals. Sometimes we have someone to share it with, and sometimes we have to go through it alone. Regardless, it’s always a very emotionally difficult period.” Presented in the form of a musical with stellar performances it shows different individuals going through different emotions and how they come to terms with them, elaborated Mr. Sil. “The video seeks to provide solace to Mental Health in the form of a visual art by showcasing the emotions and difficulties faced by everyone and how there is always hope at the end of it. But only if we work towards it. Because time, by itself, heals nothing,” the directed added.

Speaking about her first venture, Ms Ushoshi Sengupta said, “Unbroken is a personal project for me. It’s a piece of my heart. I lost my best friend to suicide, and ever since, life has never been the same. I realized what losing love truly means. I have lost love more than once. I saw my sister grieving when we lost our pet, and I realized that there is no comparison to grief. Every time you revisit that memory, grief returns in many ways, but handling it gets better each time. Through this film, I wanted to convey the message that sometimes we find the strength within ourselves. sometimes we need a little help.” She further added, “Together, we can get through anything meant to break us because life is so beautiful that we need to find the courage to live it to our fullest. The film also sheds light on the incredible work done by Iswar Sankalpa and Therapy India.”

Ms Sarbani Das, trustee of Iswar Sankalp said, “Unbroken” is opening “Pathways” – We are just not battling a condition, but also “Ignorance” “Stigma” “Self-Denial” “otherization” and the most heart-breaking is “Rejection”. The film addresses these dogmas which are creating fences around people in need. It is important to raise veils, talk and share experience and normalize mental health conditions like other ailments. It is vital to create a kind, inclusive and acceptable wholesome society. UNBROKEN’s initiative to exhibit pathways to approach mental health condition will build bridges of acceptance making the journey easy for the “Mind Warriors”.

Actor Tuhina Das said, “It was a memorable experience. Right from every member of the crew to all my co-actors it was great to see everyone come together to create something so heartfelt, so warm. And given the larger cause at hand, I feel “Unbroken” is an important subject to address. Looking forward to how the film shapes up.”

Actor Rajdeep Gupta said, “May is the month of mental health awareness, Joining hands with this team was a treat as working with friends is always fun and their cause behind this project is something truly special. Ushoshi and Ayan have created this project with a lot of heart.”

Actor Usashi Ray said, “I am overwhelmed to be a part of this initiative, Today, this holds importance in every human life and I believe that mental health is no more a taboo now. I also feel that once this film is showcased, people would be able to relate to it. I wish all success to this film.”