5 key business strategies every entrepreneur must implement in 2021

Maddie Amrutkar, Founder of Glad U Came

By Maddie Amrutkar, Founder of Glad U Came 

Whether you’re planning to start your business or in the process of building one, you need to establish the foundation of your business and avoid loopholes. Building a business is not an easy task especially after businesses worldwide took a hit in 2020. Despite that, many businesses overcame the unfortunate pandemic by strategically planning ways to stay on top of their game. A strategic business plan in any crisis can help your business get where they wish to be.

2021 is right around the corner and now is the best time to strategize and implement ideas that can pave the way for success for your business this coming year. What you need is a strategic direction to provide purpose for your business and help you set realistic goals to accomplish in the coming year. Here are some ways to build the 2021 business strategy that will help you focus on moving your business forward with resilience and a positive outlook.

Build your brand before you launch

Entrepreneurs talk a lot about the importance of branding in forming a brand or business. Being authentic and transparent to your audience helps you connect with them more. It’s a matter of whether the brand’s projected image matches what the brand actually does. This requires your branding efforts to be true to what your brand actually stands for.

Understand your audience

Customers are the king for any business. Although understanding your demographics is a key part of your research and success, it could be a bit tricky. Researching who your target audience is before you launch your business or a new product category may seem like a no-brainer, but the impact that this has on other factors is beyond one’s expectations.

Sell more than your product or service

The importance of connecting with your audience personally is at an all-time high. Customers today look for more than products; they’re keen on knowing about your business and what it stands for. On the other hand, businesses want to build a long-term connection with their customers. Long-term customers generally do far more than buy a company’s products. They connect with the business itself, which incentivizes them to keep coming back. Hence offer more than just your products or services.

Focus on customer service

It’s crucial to make sure your customer service is the best it can be. Your customers are the building block to the success of your business. Customers today are more conscious and want great experience rather than anything else. Hence if you don’t have enough resources, train your customer servicing team to do the best they can.

Be adaptable

One of the major reasons why businesses failed due to the pandemic is because they weren’t adaptive. Adaptability isn’t doing what any unexpected changes occur as per experts’ predictions. Moreover, it is to be ready to roll with whatever happens, whether you saw it coming or not. For example, many businesses went digital and used social media to focus on online sales as most of us were in-doors.

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