Why Online Games are popular in India

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Online games in India are very popular. Thanks to the penetration of the internet and smartphones. Young players in India play online games on smartphones as well on PCs. After study and personal activities, players engage on online platforms to play with their pals. Who does want to miss an opportunity to play online games, those are the most entertaining things and the best way to hang on with loved people.

In many offices, playing online games is a common practice that contributes to their productivity and teamwork. There are many best ways to build good team emotions and online games are one the best way as per some HR professionals. There are many websites 22Bet like that give the best review on online games. For students, the games available on the internet are good as far as their creativity is concerned. However, there should be restrictions on the time they use online games.

Here are some factors that make online games popular in India:

Young Population

In India, the average age is 28 years, which is much younger compared to the rest of the world. And, the number of young population is around 50 percent. This resembles the opportunities in India for gaming companies, internet service providers, PCs companies, and app development companies. Young people would like to spend a lot of time online. This gives the biggest opportunity for online gaming companies to capitalize on it.

Mobile Penetration

Playing games on mobile with pals is the favourite thing for young players in India. The availability of 4G network infrastructure has pushed the sale of smartphones.  According to the media report, India had 1.2 billion mobile subscribers in 2021, of which about 750 million are smartphone users. And, India will have 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. India is a haven for online gaming companies and online game players.

Internet Penetration

More than 749 million people use the internet in India and it is projected to increase to 1.5 billion by 2040. Smartphones with the best internet services push the demand for online games. Internet data is also cheap in India compared to other countries. The huge number of internet users in India is the key for many big e-commerce companies in India. In the case of online games, it is one of the core factors that trigger the demand for online games.


In many ways, the COVID-19 outbreak has increased the number of internet users and smartphone users. Lockdowns for many months were another major cause that help people to stick to their smartphones. Many people and mobile users tried various types of games during the lockdowns as they did have any other activities.

 Mobile Apps Development

Mobile app development is another big market in India. In 2019, More than 19 billion mobile apps were downloaded in India. Many leading companies in the gaming industry have come up with the best mobile games for users. Mobile apps development has contributed a lot to libraries. The best mobile apps in the gaming industry are successful in retaining the game players. The engagement with the best gaming mobile apps spurs the growth of online games in India.


There is a huge demand for mobile games and online games in India. Smartphone users in India have been looking for the best online games to spend their time and to play with their pals. There are many successful games that got the attention of young game lovers and topped in downloads and user engagements. In the coming days, there would a high demand for online games in India.

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