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Best Eye Hospital in Bangalore

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Our eyes allow us to perform everyday tasks with precision and care, but these are also vulnerable to potential risks. This is why it becomes imperative that you take good care of them with frequent visits to eye care professionals. If you develop any symptoms affecting your vision, the specialists at the best eye hospital in Bangalore help detect them early. If eye conditions are not addressed timely, these can result in permanent vision loss. One such eye condition is Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that impacts elderly people at or above 60 years of age. This condition triggers your optic nerve, which transfers visual information to your brain. If it’s detected early by the specialists, you can prevent any complications in your eyesight.

Through this blog, we will learn about the diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma by highly devoted eye care specialists. 

What Happens in Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is not solely an eye condition but a group of eye disorders that attack your optic nerve. This condition is often associated with excessive fluid buildup (intraocular pressure) in the front of your eyes. However, it also occurs in eyes with normal fluid pressure.

Eye care professionals say that as the pressure builds up, it can damage the nerve fibres responsible for transmitting visual information to the brain, leading to irreversible vision loss.

The challenge for eye care professionals is that there are no noticeable symptoms at the early stages of Glaucoma. This is why, in some cases, it progresses gradually, affecting your visual power.

How Do a Best Glaucoma Surgeon in Bangalore Diagnose Glaucoma?

Diagnosing Glaucoma requires a meticulous approach and specialised diagnostic tools. At an eye hospital, the process starts with a comprehensive eye examination by highly skilled ophthalmologists.Here are the tests performed by eye care specialists to monitor and assess your eye condition:

  • Dilated Eye Examination – To better observe the optic nerve at the back of the eyes.
  • Gonioscopy – To assess the angle where the iris and cornea meet
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – To detect any optic nerve changes that may suggest Glaucoma
  • Tonometry – To measure the pressure within the eyes
  • Pachymetry – To measure the thickness of the cornea. 

Glaucoma Treatment by the Experts

Once the doctors at the best eye clinic Bangalore diagnose your eye condition, they proceed with the treatment that best fits your needs and medical history. The experts manage your glaucomic eyes with a combination of treatment options. Here is the treatment process:

  1. Eye Drops

In the initial stages, eye drops may be prescribed to reduce intraocular pressure and prevent further damage to the optic nerve. These drops help enhance fluid drainage from the eye, thus lowering the pressure inside the eye. Eye care specialists may recommend these eye drops – Xalatan, Vyzulta, Istalol, Iopidine, and more.

  1. Laser Therapy

Laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a non-invasive procedure that utilises laser energy to improve the drainage of fluid from the eye. A Glaucoma doctor often recommends this to patients who have not responded well to eye drops or as a primary treatment in certain cases.

  1. Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

This technique involves micro-invasive procedures. With this technique, the doctors at the best eye clinic Bangalore aim to improve the outflow of aqueous humour from the eye, reducing intraocular pressure.The best Glaucoma surgeon in Bangalore says that MIGS procedures are known for quick recovery and minimal side effects. 

  1. Traditional Glaucoma Surgery

In advanced cases, a Glaucoma doctor may perform traditional surgery, such as trabeculectomy or aqueous shunt implantation. The doctors may consider this to create a new drainage channel for the aqueous humour.

Eye specialists say many forms of Glaucoma don’t reflect any warning signs. There are high chances that the signs go unnoticed until the condition reaches its late stages. So, regular eye examination is crucial to keep a check on eye pressure.

If a Glaucoma doctor recognizes the symptoms early, vision loss can be slowed or prevented.Choosing the best eye hospital for Glaucoma care can be difficult. When it comes to your precious vision, there should be no compromise.For those seeking top-notch care for Glaucoma, you can visit Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital. Renowned for using cutting-edge technology, the best Glaucoma doctor in Bangalore, and a patient-centric approach, this esteemed eye hospital has earned its reputation as a leader in ophthalmic care.

At Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, you can find the best Glaucoma surgeons. With a knack for understanding advanced tools and resources, Glaucoma surgeons conduct the treatment with high precision.

Whenever your eyes feel irritated, or you have vision difficulty, schedule your appointment with Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital!

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