Focus Clinic Announces Opening of Comprehensive ADHD and Learning Disabilities Center

Focus Clinic Announces Opening of Comprehensive ADHD and Learning Disabilities Center


Wyoming, MI, May 21, 2024 — Focus Clinic, specializing in ADHD and learning disabilities, is pleased to announce its grand opening. Focus Clinic provides a unique, all-inclusive approach to diagnosing and treating ADHD, cognitive deficiencies, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities, combining advanced medical, developmental, and educational assessments under one roof. The clinic aims to revolutionize care by offering comprehensive evaluations, pharmacogenetics, microbiome assessments, and personalized treatment plans.

Focus Clinic is built on the belief that every child is made on purpose and for a purpose by a loving God. The clinic’s mission is to help children identify and celebrate their gifts, ensuring they do not feel broken or pressured to change through medication. Instead, Focus Clinic aims to make aspects of their lives easier through medical support while helping them understand who they are and build skills to be the best versions of themselves.

“At Focus Clinic, we are dedicated to understanding the full spectrum of factors influencing ADHD and learning disabilities,” said Dr. Randall J. Duthler, Founder and CEO of Entropy Health, PLLC. “Our integrative approach allows us to provide personalized care that addresses not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes, ensuring that each patient receives the most effective treatment.”

Focus Clinic’s services include a detailed history and physical exam, digital diagnostics for attention and cognition, learning disability assessments, and personality testing. The clinic also offers a variety of medical diagnostics, including screening for endocrine disorders, genetic testing, and home sleep studies. Additionally, Focus Clinic provides nutritional and microbiome assessments. Patients benefit from individualized care plans, shared decision-making, and interventions such as prescription medication, digital performance training, and nutritional support.

One of Focus Clinic’s standout features is its use of Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) brain mapping, an FDA-approved tool that measures brainwave activity to identify regions with abnormal patterns. This advanced diagnostic tool helps healthcare professionals develop targeted interventions to rebalance brain activity and improve patient outcomes. The clinic also utilizes QBTech for sustained attention testing and Creyos tools for cognitive testing.

“By offering a wide range of services in one place, we can provide a more holistic and accurate diagnosis. This is particularly important when considering the potential cognitive impacts of COVID,” Dr. Duthler explained. “Our goal is to empower patients and their families with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve better health and educational outcomes.”

Focus Clinic also emphasizes collaboration with primary care providers and offers IEP advocacy to ensure educational plans include beneficial interventions tailored to each child’s unique needs. The clinic’s comprehensive approach includes progress tracking and AI learning programs, providing continuous support for patients’ long-term success.