The GUIDE App Demonstrates Significant Resilience & Wellness Improvements for First Responders in Pilot Study

The GUIDE App Demonstrates Significant Resilience & Wellness Improvements for First Responders in Pilot Study

Scranton, PA, December 01, 2023 –GUIDE is the only award-winning wellness and resilience mobile app proven to deliver results for members of the armed services, first responder, veteran, corrections and security communities. GUIDE’s recent pilot study demonstrates how The GUIDE App empowers individuals to build wellness and resilience and can empower organizations to improve absenteeism, recruitment and retention.

Despite increased prevention efforts, mental and emotional wellness issues and suicides continue to increase. Members of the armed services, first responder and corrections communities are more likely to die of suicide than in the line of duty. GUIDE offers a new, proactive method including daily wellness practices, micro-learning courses and anonymous small peer support groups to improve wellness. GUIDE proactively addresses barriers to accessing and utilizing wellness support (such as the fear of being labeled weak, unfit for duty or having a confidentiality breach) to increase access and engagement.

Patrick Sandone, Founder & CEO of GUIDE, had this to say, “I was surprised by the results from our recent trial. I didn’t think we would show such dramatic increases in wellness and resilience in such a short time period.” Patrick went on to say, “Speaking from my own challenges with wellness, anonymity, confidentiality and quick, efficient support are key to enrolling people in engaging with resources. We deliver a member experience that neutralizes the common fears of being labeled weak, labeled unfit for duty or having a confidentiality breach by never collecting any personal identifying information and protecting logins through the leader in login security, Okta. I am inspired by the impact we are having on individuals and, as a result, the potential to help organizations balance budgets strained by absenteeism, retention and recruitment issues caused by unaddressed wellness challenges.”

The study used an analysis of well-being measures to conduct its research, PERMA and PWS. PERMA is a well-being scale that stands for positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. The Personal Wellbeing Score (PWS) is a 4-item measure designed to assess an individual’s own perceptions of their wellness.

The study was completed over one month where sixteen testers were asked to interact with the app twelve times. Participants demonstrated consistent use of the app, with 75% completing at least one lesson and small group post each week, while 59% posted at least one small group comment weekly. On average, participants completed 26 lessons over four weeks, posting a total of 433 small group posts and 182 comments. The engagement varied among participants, but the overall findings suggest encouraging usage patterns and interaction with the app.

Consistent app use was hypothesized to lead to increased positive emotions, engagement, relationships, etc., and decreased negative emotions, loneliness, and anxiety was supported by the results. Scores on the PERMA increased and decreased in predicted areas (Goal-Oriented Behavior increased, on average, by 15% and Negative Emotions decreased, on average, by 11%). PWS results supported the decrease in Anxiety scores (29%, on average). Results suggest longer app use might lead to significant changes in Life Satisfaction, Worthwhile, and Happiness.

The pilot study white paper can be downloaded on Guide’s website here:

Victoria Stewart, clinical psychologist specializing in PTSD and co-author of the white paper had this to say, “Significant changes in well-being with a small sample size, promotes optimism about future studies with larger sample sizes and longer app usage durations. It shows promise of enhancing the validity and success of the app. We are excited to continue our research in an upcoming clinical trial In order to uncover solutions to these inquiries and others, the GUIDE app has collaborated with the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Center for Mental Health to conduct an extensive and comprehensive study.”

Patrick Sandone, GUIDE Founder & CEO, further said, “We want to empower everyone to live their best life and are encouraged by the significant increases in wellbeing and resilience in such a short period of time. Members of the armed services, first responder, veteran, corrections and security communities need new, proactive solutions to support them in the challenging roles they play to serve and protect us. Our efforts show the potential to be a vital tool in solving the current wellness crisis and helping organizations address the resulting challenges around absenteeism, recruitment and retention.”