Anti-Skid Bathroom Tiles: Ensuring Safety Without Compromising Style

Anti-Skid Bathroom Tiles Ensuring Safety Without Compromising Style

The process of choosing tiles for the bathroom has to be different from choosing tiles for other spaces. The bathroom floor is constantly wet and there is a high risk of accidents due to slipping. But by opting for anti-skid bathroom tiles, you can reduce the risk of such accidents and ensure the safety of the residents. Tiles that are designed for living rooms or bedrooms cannot be installed on the bathroom floor without the necessary considerations. Bathroom tiles need to be anti-skid and highly water resistant.

Let us further understand what anti-skid bathroom tiles are and which tile designs you can consider in this category:

What are Anti-Skid Bathroom Tiles?

Anti-skid bathroom tiles are glazed vitrified tiles designed to provide extra friction for reduced risk of slipping. Johnson’s range of anti-skid floor tiles is specially designed for wet spaces. These tiles have a matt or textured finish, which makes them more slip-resistant. The surface of these tiles is designed in such a way that it increases the friction between the floor and your feet (or footwear), which increases the grip and reduces the chance of slipping and falling.

Anti-skid floor tiles are not just for bathrooms, but can also be used across other spaces, such as swimming pools, parking areas, balconies, etc. These are usually ceramic or glazed vitrified tiles and you can find various size options to choose from, such as 30×30 cm, 60×60 cm, and more.

Best Designs in Anti-Skid Bathroom Tiles

Let us have a look at some of the best designs you can consider in anti-skid bathroom tiles:

1. Marble-Look Tiles

Another ever-stylish design you can consider in bathroom floor tiles is marble-look GVTs. The marble look blends well with almost every type of bathroom and enhances its overall appearance. If you have installed glossy-finish marble-look tiles in your bathroom walls and want to keep it all consistent, you can consider matt-finish marble-look tiles for the floor.

The ‘Dacia Nero’ 60×60 cm matt finish vitrified tile[2] from Johnson’s Maxgrip collection is a suitable option to consider in marble-look anti-skid bathroom floor tiles. You can check out more such designs in their 60×60 cm floor tiles collection.

2. Wooden-Look Matt Finish Tile

Wood-look tiles are among the most highly preferred options when it comes to the latest trends in bathroom floor tiles. If you prefer a warm bathroom interior or want to inculcate a naturalistic theme, you can consider this tile design. One of the great designs you can consider in this category is the SATINATO-MATT 30×30 cm floor tile in matt finish[1] from H&R Johnson.

Apart from this, Johnson Porselano’s 20×120 cm wood-look Elite Planks in textured finish are also a good choice as they give a more realistic wooden look to your space. As these tiles are in matt and textured finishes, they are slip-resistant and suitable for bathroom floors.

3. Rustic Look Tiles

If you are looking for a minimal yet elegant old-world style tile design, rustic-look tiles in a matt finish would be the perfect choice. You can find these tiles in several neutral to bold colors and make a choice according to your bathroom’s interior design and decor. If you have used tiles with intricate designs or patterns for the walls, you can balance the overall look by using anti-skid rustic tiles for the floor. The ‘Caberio Cotto’ and ‘Altona Gris’ 60×60 cm matt finish vitrified tiles from Johnson’s Maxgrip collection are some good options to check out[3].

4. Tiles in Art Look

Want to make your bathroom look like a work of art? You should opt for anti-skid artistic look bathroom floor tiles. From simple designs to more detailed intricate patterns, you get a wide variety of options in this category. Whether you just want to add a touch of art with minimal patterns or want bold designs to an eye-catching look, you can find a suitable option in the tile market.

For example, Johnson’s Volcano S&P Grey 60×60 cm vitrified tile in matt finish[4] is a perfect choice if you are looking for a minimal art look with the anti-skid feature in tiles. If you want more intricate artistic patterns, you can go for their ‘Triangle Teracota’ 60×60 cm matt-finish vitrified tile.

5. Cement Look Tiles

Cement-look tiles cannot be overlooked when it comes to the most versatile anti-skid bathroom floor tiles. If you want your bathroom floor to resemble the look of a cement floor, you can go for cement-look vitrified tiles with anti-skid features. The ‘Vivid Cool Grey’ 60×60 cm matt finish vitrified tile[6] from Johnson is one of the suitable options to consider in this category.

Summing Up

Considering the anti-skid feature of bathroom floor tiles is extremely important, but you cannot just overlook the design and style of tiles. With the top tile manufacturers like H&R Johnson, it is possible to get high-quality anti-skid bathroom tiles in the best design. Their Maxgrip collection contains some of the most suitable tile options to consider in this category. Just make sure that you pay special attention to the finish, durability, and water resistance of the tiles. Bathroom floor tiles should be in a matt or textured finish, whereas you can go for glossy or polished finish tiles for the walls.

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