Exclusive Interview with Mr. Lokesh Harjani, Founder & CEO, OnSpot Solutions

Mr. Lokesh Harjani, Founder & CEO, Onspot
Mr. Lokesh Harjani, Founder & CEO, Onspot Solutions

-Editorial Team SWS

We at Shreyas WebMedia Solutions (SWS) thank Mr. Lokesh Harjani, Founder & CEO, Onspot Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (OnSpot) for the exclusive interview opportunity. Mr. Lokesh Harjani, (LH) discussed various aspects such as OnSpot’s dynamic real-time verification technology and the company’s potential growth and expansion plans and many more.

Let’s know more about his success story and his vision.

SWS: Can you tell us more about on-the-spot solutions and the many sectors you work in?

LH: Onspot is a Brand to Consumer Engagement platform that is a Cloud-based Digital Solution, which allows a brand to engage with its consumer at various levels. Beginning with a simple scan of the unique Onspot QR code on a product, a consumer can first check the authenticity of the brand and be given product information such as manufactured date, MSRP and other pertinent information of a product. With a single touch, consumers can then provide feedback and suggestions on products. Depending on the types of products, brands can engage with consumers directly to provide warranty certification; offer helpful tips or recipes. They can also provide sustainability aspects and goals of the brand along with many other dedicated features as per the industry. All of this, while the consumer receives loyalty points and rewards.

For brands, Onspot provides a bird’s eye view of the supply and distribution chain from the point of manufacture through intermediaries to the point of sale. With each product individually coded, brands can ascertain any hiccups in the travelling lifecycle of the product, as scans occur at each stage of the chain.

SWS: Any particular reason for stepping into so many different industries?

LH: A consumer engagement platform is a need for every brand. No matter which industry or sector, one might belong to; our cloud-based digital solution is helpful to everyone. So, our strategy was never to be contained to any one industry. We take our services to everyone. Onspot has witnessed considerable growth in several industries for its patented protection platform, including medicine, particularly during the pandemic. Pharmaceutical firms that rely on Onspot are expanding their brand portfolios to include Onspot’s “track, trend, and trust” offerings. Other firms have reached out to learn how to adapt Onspot’s solutions across industries.

SWS: What aspects, in your opinion, led to the company’s growth even throughout the pandemic?

LH:The pandemic actually, in many ways paved the way for the company’s growth. In 2020, the global pandemic and the rise of e-commerce sales led to an increase in fake goods across industries. For example, in the cosmetics and personal care sector, there are reports of a 56% increase in counterfeit products sold via online channels. More seriously, fears over shortages of medicines, pharmaceuticals – and now vaccines – in many regions have led to greater penetration of counterfeit goods, against which consumers need protection. This increases the use of anti-counterfeiting solutions; track and trace schemes among brands. The need for a solution provider like us, automatically increased.

In fact, we have welcomed clients across industries, to come on board and brands such as Gulf Oil, Sanofi, Laser India Pvt. Ltd, Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, K-18 (an international hair Product company) have recently joined hands with us to devise personalized tech solutions. We are seeing that market leaders in most segments are adopting this technology.

SWS: What can you tell us about India’s first dynamic real-time verification technology?

LH:Onspot’s product authentication and the anti-counterfeiting system work with current barcodes and packaging, with minimal tweaks or add-ons such as QR codes and other types of overt and covert tracking measures, depending on the amount of tracking required. It avoids the need for significant adjustments to a brand’s existing production manner. The technology is built around a simple smartphone app that enables product verification from anywhere in the supply chain. It also provides a flexible system that allows for individual customization and security improvements in response to the danger posed by counterfeiters.

Onspot offers a multitude of security solutions for each stage of the supply and distribution chain of a brand. A multi-tiered level of security comprising of QR codes, tamper-resistant labels or in certain circumstances, RFID or other tracking beacon grants an opportunity to monitor the patterns of product movement from a factory or distributor down the chain. Further, more covert security features such as nano-sized taggants or invisible ink, coupled with optic filters within the technology add to the security offering. The platform is active at each stage of the product lifecycle providing check and risk assessments along the way to the point of consumer scan to verify the product. This is what makes it India’s first dynamic real-time verification technology.

SWS: Would you be able to provide some light on the importance of developing a brand protection plan for both brands and consumers?

LH:Sure! As the world prepares to shift to a post-pandemic future, companies must keenly take the responsibility of protecting their brands and consumers. It will be an evolutionary and global process to make the world more aware that they finally can act on the adage, “Buyer Beware,” through the simple use of a mobile phone. As many consumers are not fully up to date on the nitty-gritty of emerging digital solutions, brands and governments face the challenge of consumer education and the adoption of safe technologies. As a result, customers will adopt to protect themselves and their hard-earned money from the dubious grey market. There is an upside for consumers beyond being protected. Loyalty and rewards, product information, helpful tips, recipes, warranties, coupons and a direct feedback link to a brand are a few of the perks that Onspot offers post the level of initial security. This helps consumers from being fooled by counterfeit products. Onspot offers a full approach for companies, consumers and government agencies to build great synergy while protecting and benefitting every interest. That’s why we say, “Track, Trend, Trust”.

SWS: How would you summarize On Spot’s experience in India?

LH: On Spot has seen substantial growth in almost every industry that we have entered, in India. Since the need for battling counterfeiting and monitoring the supply chain grew more in India, Onspot has witnessed considerable growth in several industries for its patented protection platform, including medicine, particularly during the Covid period. Many firms have reached out to learn how to adapt Onspot’s solutions across industries.

SWS: Can you tell us about the revolutionary patented technology in the United States and India, and how it is assisting clients?

LH: Yes. Our Cloud-based technology bears patents in the USA and India and empowers the end-user to verify the genuineness of a product in real-time. Employing advanced, real-time and user-friendly technologies, end consumers, as well as the parent brand can verify the authenticity of the product at the point of purchase. The patented technology provides brands with complete protection against counterfeiting without any extra overheads. Apart from Anti-counterfeiting solutions that build consumer confidence, the platform also includes a Marketing suite for personalized consumer re-engagement and a Data collection engine to capture the events in the product journey and consumer-product interaction. The patented technology puts it at the helm of its supply chain, in the know of every product’s schedule, so that problems can be resolved, and changes can be implemented based on the information that is made available.

SWS: What do you think India’s future will look like with all of the technological advancements?

LH: India is driving on the road of growth already with the advancements in technology. The expanding economy of India is propelling growth in local demand and stringent steps are being taken to fast forward the implementation of new technologies. India is already strategising, implementing and executing next-generation tech like Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Blockchain, Internet of Things in many sectors. With more technological advancements, every industry will collectively start to work efficiently with lesser wastage of resources, and this will lead to exponential economic growth. Cloud-based digital platforms like ours are in high demand, and both companies and consumers are aware of this. We see high growth in the Cloud-based Digital Security space, with everyone in the value chain benefitting.

SWS: What are your expansion and growth plans for the future?

LH: OnSpot currently works with over 20 enterprises and several large global clients across India and newly added foreign brands. The company has registered much growth during the pandemic with brands across segments seeking to have more end-consumer outreach. Onspot is building up its team and offerings and looking at expanding operations Pan India with potential international outposts.

As part of its expansion and future goals, OnSpot Solutions shall focus on aggressive core product expansion, research and development, talent acquisition, and a comprehensive suite of products for all business segments with a focus specifically on the Pharma, FMCG industries, electrical and automotive (lubricants and spares), segments. The company envisions much growth in this active segment and truly looks to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. It seems not just the need of the hour, but a long-term business and living approach for brands and individuals alike.