Golfer Sunhit Bishnoi fine-tunes his boards and golf tournaments


Sunhit Bishnoi, 18 year old student of DLF Golf Academy has set a goal to play International Amateur tournaments. Bishnoi is a 12th class student and has worked hard to manage both his board exams and the tournaments ahead. He is preparing for the exams which have started from 2nd March and lasts till 3rd April. He has taken a time off for his studies and also practices golf to distress himself from exam pressure in his free time. He has been a part of the DLF Golf Excellence Program, a joint initiative of DLF Foundation and DLF Golf Academy. The young golfer has been trained under the guidance of highly professional instructors who teaches golf in a structured manner, yet caters to the needs of every individual golfer. The objective of DLF Golf Excellence Program is to help the young golfers to realize their potential and achieve recognition.

Son of Mr Lalit Vishnoi and Mrs Poonam Bishnoi has met hands with glorious victories several times in the previous year. He has been ranked 1 in five tournaments namely IGU Maharashtra Junior Boys Golf Championship which was held in November, IGU CGCC Junior Open and IGU Western India Junior Boys Golf Championship held in April. In June he has won IGU Tamil Nadu Junior Boys Golf Championship and IGU Northern India Junior Boys Golf Championship.

Eyeing on the exams, Sunhit Bishnoi said, “With more practice, fitness & support by DLF Foundation and my coaches, I aspire to achieve the highest ranking in WAGR and represent India as an amateur. I am very thankful to DLF Foundation and DLF Golf Academy for granting me time to study and prepare for my exams”.

The young talent has participated and acquired good positions in 15 tournaments in 2018 and has set a target to perform best in upcoming scheduled tournaments namely India Eastern India Amateur Golf Championship at Tollygunge Golf Club, IGU Rotary Karnataka State Golf Championship at Eagleton Golf Club, Bangalore, IGU Southeren India Amateur Golf championship at KGA, Bangalore, IGU Northern India Amateur Golf Championship at Jaypee Greens Golf Club, IGU Haryana  Amateur Golf Championship at ITC Classic Golf & Country Club and IGU Western India Amateur Golf Championship at BPGC, Mumbai.

Maj. Gen. Kr VS Lalotra, Sr. Executive Director and Head (Education), DLF Foundation said, “DLF Golf Excellence Programme aims to help young golfers to realize their capabilities and showcase their talent at universal level. Preparing for the exams and the tournaments is an inescapable task and we wish him all the best for his future.”

DLF Golf Excellence Programme has selected 10 junior boys and girls in the age group of 12-18 years, providing them the precise training in Golf, fitness, nutrition and tournament play. DLF Golf Academy is the first golf school in the country which helps the young Golf Champs to achieve their aspiration to be an ideal golfer for the country.