Humanitive launches a Digital Campaign for this Father’s Day: “Papa Ne Sikhaya Tha”

The return of old habits is a significant part of Father’s Day this year, and our ability to communicate face-to-face again after two years may be a cause for celebration.

Humanitive, India’s leading social expression company, honours Dad with a Father’s Day campaign. The marketing film must be made available through the brand’s digital channels. The ad is centred on a father’s feelings toward his children, as well as understanding and pouring love on him through presents.

Humanitive emphasises in this short that parenthood is a full-time profession that ought to be recognised and appreciated by everybody. The campaign emphasises the importance of the father’s involvement in his children’s and family’s lives.

This Father’s Day, Humanitive is introducing the #PapaNeSikhayaTha campaign, which focuses on one of the most fundamental values a father teaches his children — kindness. Giving them a Humanitive Gift Box for Father’s Day allows you to make a gift on their behalf to one of our partner Non-Profits; a discreet way to thank them for crucial life lessons.

Father’s Day is a celebration that honours and celebrates dads and their importance in our lives. You don’t have to honour your biological father on this occasion; you may also honour grandfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, and other father figures. Give them a beautiful dad present to demonstrate how much you love them!

Speaking about the campaign, Ms. Sonarika Mahajan, Founder- Humanitive, said,“ Father’s Day is a very special day as it helps a child to show the love and care they have for their father, and to show their apprehension towards their father who has worked very hard to provide a good and happy life for their children. We have specially curated gift-boxes which will not only bring a smile to one father’s face but also have the power to help many other fathers out there who need our help. The pledge of Humanitive is to create a powerful and courageous environment on this Father’s Day 2022”