Mayur More shares insights into his Slum Golf journey, reveals his experience of learning a new game for Amazon miniTV series

Mumbai, 9th December 2023: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, took viewers on an exhilarating journey riding high on emotion, passion and adrenaline with its acclaimed sports drama series, Slum Golf. The series chronicles the inspiring story of Pawan, who goes from navigating life in Mumbai lanes to basking in the glory of the sport, presenting a strong narrative of dreaming big in the face of societal challenges. Featuring Sharad Kelkar, Mayur More, and Arjan Aujla in pivotal roles, Slum Golf is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV for free.

Mayur More

 Talking about the most crucial criterion for playing the character of Pawan in the series, Mayur More shared, “In Slum Golf, Pawan strives hard to become a professional golfer, which made me wonder how I would bring out authenticity in my portrayal. I was confident about managing to bring conviction to other aspects of my performance except for authentically essaying the role of a professional golfer. Interestingly, Vinay, one of our writers, plays golf, and it was the first thing I got to know when I finally got roped in for the series. So, I told them clearly that I wanted to learn golf. I remember I even told the team that I wouldn’t take up the role if I couldn’t get to learn golf. It was an important criterion for me. Unfortunately, I had very little time to learn golf, around 15-20 days, as we were supposed to start shooting in May.”

 Delving further into the preparations for learning the key basics of golf, Mayur expressed, “We couldn’t get the coaching that we were supposed to. There is a small sports club in Lokhandwala, where you can go and work on your basics, so I went there and practiced. Golf is a very difficult game. Before hitting the ball, my coach repeatedly told me that I must remember 89 things, and I was like I don’t even have 89 days for this. However, I somehow managed to practice, tried to learn their posture and body language and understand how they hit the ball and where it landed. I learned all this just to be able to sink my teeth into my character as a pro golfer. Although I was hitting bad shots, there were a few decent ones too, which used to boost my confidence.”

 Adding to this, he emoted his delight to being praised for his professional body language, “I used to get comments that I fit the role of a pro golfer, which was an advantage. I knew I could crack the posture. I got to learn so many new things about golf – how one thinks when one hits the ball, deals with the pressure, understands the direction of the wind, among many other things. Since I have a cricketing background, getting a hang of the body language was not a herculean task. I am glad that I got to learn a new game.”

 Indulge in this endearing tale and experience a range of emotions with Slum Golf on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and Play Store.