How to bypass IP address banning?

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Today, billions of Internet users connect to the web to communicate, share information, have fun, or even work on the Internet. For this, each user needs an IP address which is provided by the Internet service provider. It’s like his identity card and without it, he won’t be able to access his favorite online content. With this same IP address, site administrators, as well as the government or other private entities can also block your access to certain content. This is called IP banning and this restriction is very common in forums and blogs. To bypass it, you must use an unbanned IP address.

About IP banning

Have you ever gone to a forum or blog and after posting a few similar messages your IP address is blocked? This is because of the IP ban which was put in place by the administrator of the site in question to limit spam. To get around this censorship, use a VPN that will provide you with another IP address. If it is still blocked, simply change your VPN server.

Online geo-censorship is also based on IP banning. Indeed, with this form of online censorship which currently affects many countries around the world, Internet users located in the same country cannot access one or more distinct sites. This is for example the case of Facebook in China. In this country, all Chinese IP addresses cannot access Facebook. To bypass censorship, install a VPN on your computer and connect to a VPN server located in another country (US, European, etc.).

How to bypass IP banning

To bypass IP banning, you need a VPN that has many VPN servers around the world. We have gone through a lot of testing and found that Octo Browser is one reliable VPN. It is a Chromium-type anti-detection browser with a simple interface. At first glance, it looks like Google Chrome, especially from its simplicity.

Octo Browser is a web browser that blocks any attempts to track its users’ online activities. So, unlike most other types of VPN, the Octo Browser is realized in the form of a special browser that is “untraceable.” This type of browser is usually recommended for users with many separate accounts that are not related to each other. So, an accessed website, for example, cannot trace the relationship between accounts used by the same user. Its effectiveness is illustrated by the fact that many spammers like this type of VPN.

You can find many antidetect browsers and they differ in terms of capabilities, ease of operation, and price. Some may not be very effective when faced with in-depth detection by certain websites and others may be too expensive.

Well, Octo Browser is able to combine all the advantages of an anti-detect browser with great functionality and an affordable price. There are five subscription options provided; Starter, Base, Team, Advanced, and Custom with a monthly subscription fee of €21 for Starter, €56 for Base, €119 for Team, €231 for Advanced, and €300+ for Custom. Affordable enough for most people, especially when we consider:

– Compatibility with various operating systems, even LinuxBeta.

– Support for many online activities such as Affiliate Marketing, crypto trading, e-commerce, web scraping, and many more.

– Large capacity so it can accommodate tens of thousands of profiles in one device.

– Fingerprint feature that protects the device from additional spoof tests.

– Supports team performance with the freedom to share your browser profile with your team without impacting your browser fingerprint.

– High access speed.

– And operational ease including everything related to creating your browser profile.

We didn’t encounter any major issues with this browser-based VPN but did encounter a few hiccups at launch. It turned out that after we disabled the Firewall, the anti-detect browser could operate very smoothly. It can be concluded that IP address banning is no longer a problem with Octo Browser.

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