Taiwan Excellence: Smart Machinery Virtual Exhibition Reaches the Whole World

Smart Machinery Virtual Exhibition

Despite the fact that many countries are gradually lifting their lockdown restrictions in an effort to rebuild economies after the damage done during the global COVID-19 pandemic, many experts still predict that a lot of industries and the global economy will not bounce back to a state of prosperity for several years. All kinds of social gatherings have been canceled or postponed, and cultural activities are the ones most dependent on crowds gathering regularly. “Maintain social distance for safety” has already become the health watchword at both exhibitions and performances. For a few years now, AI, robots, and the AR/VR industry have been the main development direction for humanity’s future technology. The outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated the promotion of the VR industry, such as online virtual exhibition centers, museums, and artistic performances in the “post-pandemic era”. These industries are even more in the global spotlight now and are being applied massively in new and exciting ways.

Many prestigious museums around the world have built independent online experience systems such as The British Museum, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Musée du Louvre, and the Van Gogh Museum. As for our own National Palace Museum, it launched a special exhibition named, “A journey Inside Paintings and Calligraphy – VR ART”, together with VR design pioneer – HTC in 2019. The brand image promoter of Taiwan’s industries, TAITRA, is also keeping up with this trend. It uses the virtual exhibition center technology to promote various outstanding “MIT products”, pushing business into a new realm during the pandemic adversity.

The “Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery Industry Virtual Pavilion” jointly planned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, and TAITRA, went live on June 2. A total of 60 award-winning Taiwan Excellence products from 50 leading companies are exhibited, starting from the automation industry, electronic processes, large machine tools and spare parts to other industrial equipment; all divided into 5 themed areas. The international smart machinery media and buyers can browse all the products at one time in one place, shattering global border restrictions without the need to even step outside. Praised as “the Oscar of Taiwanese industry”, the Taiwan Excellence award vastly improves the profile of companies and, in terms of the pavilion, virtual technology is at its heart, exhibiting the best of our smart machinery products proudly, vividly and in glorious detail. Moreover, the built-in 360 degree and 3D surround vision technology are user-friendly and practical, undoubtedly overcoming the impact of the global pandemic on exhibitions that cannot be held as scheduled as well as protecting people and preventing the spread of disease. Meanwhile, the pavilion enables businesses to be promoted continuously, assisting in the communication and business development between clients and Taiwan Excellence companies.

AI is one of the crucial technologies during the pandemic. One of our featured products in this field is the “Smart Precision Grinder” developed by the Taiwan Excellence company – Equip top. As we have reached the age of “Industry 4.0”, product differentiation distinguishes market segments and necessitates fast and effective adaptation ability to respond to market change. Aside from highly humanized design and intuitive operation settings, Equip top also adopts highly compatible controllers developed in Taiwan to provide composite integrated applications. The signal feedback from the sensor fully demonstrates the machine’s operating status. Applying the AI technology for surface precision prediction not only allows data storage, but also the feedback action through Internet connection when an abnormal signal is received on a real-time basis, thus manufacturers can immediately provide maintenance operations.

Also, one of the highlights of the virtual exhibition will be SHIEH YIH Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.’s Straight Side Mechanical Press which won the 28th Taiwan Excellence award in the large machine tool category. Equipped with Industry 4.0 technology, the automobile industry is transitioning toward smart manufacture and has strict requirements when it comes to the design components of workpieces. SHIEH YIH Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.’s Straight Side Mechanical Press offers high-quality, high precision, and great stability, making it the optimal machinery to producing lightweight automobiles. The high precision servo press results in lower defect rates and reduces model wear. In addition, its patented electric-operated control reduces power loading, making it environmentally friendly. According to a 2018 report by ABI Research, the global automobile industry has achieved 50% automation. Towards the end of 2019, Lamborghini implemented Industry 4.0 technology to create its super SUV, which integrates digital identity, AI, human-robot collaboration, and robot-to-robot technology to make full use of smart manufacture applications. It is a true testament to the potential of smart manufacture for the automobile industry’s future development.

The most effective industries among “The 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan” promoted by the President, Tsai Ing-wen, are the machinery industry and the information and communication industry. The combination of the two is called “smart machinery”. With rapid yearly industry growth of 100 million NTD, the “Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry” released its 2019 statistics for machinery and equipment. The cumulative export value reached 27.8 billion USD, and the total output value remained steady at 1.1 trillion NTD (35.245 billion USD). The numbers once again reflect the industry’s importance and emphasize that the turning point in the pandemic crisis is the optimal time for the VR industry to further exert its influence. Taiwan Excellence will keep promoting high-quality industries in Taiwan to reduce the economic impacts of the pandemic. The brand-new model of the virtual exhibition center creates a new buyer experience and this model will turn the crisis into an opportunity so that Taiwan Excellence can reach all corners of the globe without even setting foot outside.