becomes the first Tech website in India to bring product transparency at scale; expands to more product categories becomes the first Tech website in India to bring product transparency at scale; expands to more product categories

New Delhi: or Broad Guidance & Ratings, the leading technology website from the Digital Publishing portfolio of Zee Group, has been the go-to destination for users for their daily dose of news, reviews and in-depth videos focusing on major tech categories like mobiles, laptops, wearables and smart TVs.

Keeping true to what it stands for, or Broad Guidance & Ratings has been providing
best-in-class ‘guidance’ to its users for all tech-related queries and keep its users updated with article, videos and reviews about the latest gadgets, gaming, apps, telecom and everything else that fall under the “technology” category. It helps its users resolve all tech related problems including finding the best deals, telecom plans and much more.

The platform now plans to re-define the future of the consumer tech ecosystem in India through a transparent and quantitative ratings system which shall change the way consumers make their buying shall be the first platform to bring transparency to product evaluations and reviews at scale in India. Further, the platfrom is also expanding its product search and listings to include other tech categories like laptops, TVs and wearables making it one stop shopfor all of its users’ needs.

As per, Rohit Chadda, CEO, Zee Group, Digital Publishing, ‘True to our name, Broad Guidance and Ratings, we are launchinga new product rating mechanism where all the tech gadgets will be rated based on standardised quantitative metrics. This will not only make the user experience better by enabling easier comparison among products but also minimise subjectivity to ensure accurate ratings, something which has been missing from the Indian Tech market as of now.The platform currently allows product search and listings of mobile phones which is where the new rating mechanism will first be deployed. This shall be further expanded to other product categories as they are introduced on the platform.”

Keeping some old rules into play, will still maintain itself to be the friendly neighbourhood tech website, providing detailed reviews and ratings for these categories which in turn will help its users to make the final buying decision by finding the best deals.

“Over the years BGR has createdmany benchmarks and industry best practices that have been followed by competitors in the mobile phone category. With our expansion into other product categories, we wantto create similar benchmarks in those categories as well. ”, Chadda Added.

Recently, ZEE Digital did the largest PWA launch for 13 of its national and regional news brands covering 9 languages to offer seamless news consumption experience to its users.Earlier this year, launched its new mobile site to provide a more immersive experience to users which resulted intremendous growth for the brand in terms of monthly active users.