Equitable Healthcare Access Consortium to facilitate mentoring of medical students

Medical students participate in a discussion on exploring a career that is ethical, successful and professionally satisfying
(L-R) Dr. Pavitra Mohan, Founder, Basic Health Care Services (Moderator); Dr. Santosh Kumar Kraleti, Country Director, Cornea Blindness Free Bharat Abhiyan; Mr. Thulsiraj Ravilla, Executive Director, LAICO - Aravind Eye Care System; Dr. Pramod Gaddam, CEO, Fernandez Hospital Foundation; Dr. C.S. Pramesh, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital; Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa, CEO, PEOPLE TREE Hospitals; Dr. G. Chandra Sekhar, Vice Chair, LV Prasad Eye Institute.

After a first successful panel discussion addressing the Medical College students and residents in Udaipur in the month of April 2019, LV Prasad Eye Institute along with Equitable Healthcare Access (EHA) Consortium hosted the second panel discussion, today. The event was well attended and well received by students from Medical Colleges in the Hyderabad area. “Can today’s medical professional be Ethical, Empathetic, Successful and also be satisfied with their job”? was the theme of the discussion. On the panel were Dr. C.S. Pramesh, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital; Dr. Pramod Gaddam, CEO, Fernandez Hospital Foundation; Dr. G. Chandra Sekhar, Vice Chair, LV Prasad Eye Institute; Mr. Thulsiraj Ravilla, Executive Director, Aravind Eye Care System; Dr. Chandrasekar Chikamuniyappa,CEO, PEOPLE TREE Hospitals and Dr. Santosh Kraleti, Country Director, Cornea Blindness Free Bharat Abhiyan. The panel was moderated by Dr. Pavitra Mohan who is the Founder of Basic Healthcare Services.

Students posed questions on whether sustainable, quality and ethical healthcare is possible for all, how does a doctor build a trustworthy relationship with his patient and can this then reduce the number of cases of violence we are seeing against doctors in the recent years, and what is the current healthcare policy and its impact on the community at large. The panelists provided examples to the students from their own experiences and their organization in order to help them grasp some of these concepts and tie it to their day to day work.

EHAC members are working on promoting alternate and fulfilling career paths to these students and residents by giving them the opportunity to intern on short term programs and to be mentored by the best Doctors in the industry.

Equitable Healthcare Access (EHA) is a Consortium of socially-sensitive healthcare providers, organizations involved in fostering livelihood for the poor, and education institutions, from across the country, who can, through networking and resource sharing, come up with new and improved models for providing access to healthcare, livelihood and education to all. These three components are essential to create a more equitable and stable society.

One of the four focus areas for the Equitable Healthcare Access Consortium (EHAC) is to reach out to the Medical Student fraternity by establishing a communication framework. Through regular panel discussions and talks, EHAC aims to demonstrate to them how successful models of equitable healthcare have evolved. The objective is to expose them to the ideal that they can practice their livelihood while being ethical and equitable.

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