How ARDI Express helps e-business logistics, ensuring it remains relevant to consumer needs

Logistics process streamlining & backend system enabling underway: Pawan Kumar Agarwal

The accelerated growth of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has motivated the replacement of traditional formats of commercial and social relations, has increased the volume and exchange of information, and allowed the existence of global digital integration. From a logistical point of view like FBA prep center, FBM, and so on, the ICT implementation process has not been homogeneous, nor have the results been comparable, which is attributed to strategic issues, types of activity, competitors, and costs.

Remembering the beginning of e-Business

For the largest and most important companies, the objective focused on the integration or interconnection of their internal and external flows, automation of processes, and digitalization of tasks, in other words, a combination of their logistics operations and their commercial exploitation through ICTs (and -Business). Thus, the circulation of information and connection between business partners, suppliers, employees, and of course clients, through the Internet, intranets, and extranets, would be facilitated. All of this meant increasing its hardware, software, and electronic service providers’ infrastructure, as well as hiring ICT specialists and intensifying the training offered in different areas and levels.

At that time, the purpose of e-business was focused on a systematic reduction of business costs through the adjustment and increase of the capacity of its operations, however, substantial improvements were also achieved in customer service (satisfaction, loyalty), strengthening relationships with its suppliers (speed, precision, flexibility), and of course, a positive effect was obtained on the financial performance of the organizations.

Smaller companies with less need and capacity for transformation focused on exploiting the Internet connection to sell their products (e-commerce), which meant that their customers could view, choose, order, and pay via the web. The trend, once this access and connection with customers was consolidated, focused on converting all its operations electronically, integrating its internal structure with its external operations, just as the e-business perspective proposed.

However, at the most basic levels, the delivery chain has not changed much as it must still be supported by established high-capacity services, for example, ARDI Express.

What is ARDI Express?

ARDI Express is a 3PL Warehouse and Preparation Center service specializing in Amazon logistics and other e-commerce. There are many services provided but they can be divided into three important parts; preparation, setup, and delivery each optimized for the company’s business growth.

The sectors served by ARDI Express are:

– E-commerce businesses of any size. ARDI Express provides global shipping using all land, sea, and air resources.

– Distribution companies: Distribution companies are the lifeblood of the economy and ARDI Express helps them by simplifying logistics and improving supply chain management.

– Transport and logistics companies: Transport and logistics companies often collaborate with ARDI Express for certain deliveries, for example to foreign countries that are difficult to reach.

The main services offered by ARDI Express:

Goods delivery services: ARDI Express offers land-sea-air delivery in various formats, for example, Door-to-Door, DDU, and so on. For information, the company has been recognized as a Gold Supplier of Alibaba and Amazon SPN.

Preparation services: There are product preparation sub-services offered, namely inspection, receiving, counting, wrapping, labeling, and so on.

Fulfillment solution: This solution is powered by a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System with integration with Amazon. Fulfillment solutions by ARDI Express ensure same-day order processing while keeping prices competitive.

Cross-Docking and Forwarding: ARDI Express also provides Cross-Docking and Forwarding services focused on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). Not only FBA and FBM, but ARDI Express also provides container delivery including unloading, palletizing, inspection, sorting, and short and long-term storage. Supported capacity reaches 4000 pallets.

Why ARDI Express?

ARDI Express has a modern setup center staffed by people experienced in the e-business landscape. This logistics service company is able to optimize the product delivery chain starting from storage in the warehouse, labeling, inspection, to delivery to consumers. In this way, all the conveniences sponsored by e-business can be achieved on a practical, everyday level.