inDrive released its Inner Drive Documentary movie in Egypt

inDrive Founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky

After a year-long production across the world, inDrive released its documentary movie “Inner Drive” in Arabic Version by organizing a big movie screening which took place in Cairo at Zawya cinema attended by an esteemed audience comprising TV channels, journalists, and inDrive’s local partners.

Inner Drive Journey:

Inner Drive Movie production started about a 1 year ago with the research,  The main goal was to find the most inspiring stories from different cultures and perspectives, The movie team learnt the whole history of the company and conducted dozens of interviews: the meticulous research and interviews conducted by the movie team must have been an incredible opportunity to uncover inspiring stories from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

The piece is directed by Greek filmmaker Theo Papadoulakis, whose acclaimed work highlights his skill in depicting ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Papadoulakis’ ability to capture the human spirit’s resilience has earned him over 70 international awards,  The team shot the film across 5 countries: Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, and Indonesia, under the guidance of Four local directors.

In an exclusive reveal, the inDrive documentary offers audiences a rare glimpse into the heart and soul of the company with never-before-seen footage and candid stories from the individuals at inDrive’s roots, including founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky. This special content dives deep into their initial vision and the philosophy fueling inDrive. Viewers are treated to insightful moments and pivotal turning points that have never been shared publicly, shedding light on the profound impact inDrive has had on communities.

The power of Movie storytelling:

Using the power of storytelling through film to convey the message of fairness and inclusivity in ride-hailing services is a brilliant approach by inDrive. Movies have a unique ability to evoke emotions, spark empathy, and convey complex ideas in a compelling and accessible manner. By sharing stories about the experiences of users and drivers, inDrive can humanize its mission to challenge social injustice and highlight the real-world impact of its efforts to promote fairness and justice within the industry.

Furthermore, expanding the narrative beyond just ride-hailing applications to encompass other services provided by the platform demonstrates the breadth and depth of inDrive’s commitment to improving urban mobility and services. It’s not just about offering rides from point A to point B but also about addressing broader issues of accessibility, affordability, and social equity.

Engaging with audiences through the medium of film allows inDrive to connect with people on an emotional level, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for its mission and values. Additionally, by showcasing its journey and evolution through the documentary, inDrive can inspire others to believe in its vision and become advocates for positive change in the transportation industry.

Reflecting on the film and its message, inDrive Founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky said: “We should focus on the path, on the journey. And if you do something important for you, that is very meaningful for you, and you develop an external environment during that journey, you are getting more and more with each step. And that is something which nobody can take from you. Even if you don’t reach a peak, you will have something available to you.”

Watch the inDrive movie here:

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