Invisible Aligners – A Revolutionary Product for Correction of Irregular Teeth Invisibly by ODS Aligners

Invisible Aligners - A Revolutionary Product in Dental Correction by ODS Aligners

In today’s time where cosmetic industry is growing leaps and bound, it’s not only limited to nose or lip surgery or Botox. In fact, Dental innovations to improve your look is gaining momentumHere is where ODS Aligners come in, as the only Indian company which is start up recognized and registered. ODS Aligners brings to their  customers, innovative dental correction method- Invisible Aligners.  The ODS binary aligners system has set new standards in orthodontic treatments. The ODS aligners goes one step further with two innovations for visible and accurate results: dual- component teamed with the Binary Aligners technology.

For those who want a gentle, fast and less conspicuous way of straightening teeth and are looking for better and accurate methods of teeth correction, aligners are the best way to transform your smile through invisible, removable, effective, predictable, comfortable and painless way.

About Material – ODS aligners use a molecularly modified copolymer plastic. Its composition transforms the inner walls of aligners into a softer and more pliable materials, making it easier and more comfortable for the patient. The material is unique engineering combination of elasticity with rigidity a perfect balance.

About ODS Aligners – They are the largest provider of Clear Aligners in India. With over a decade of experience in the technology and over 8,000+ treated cases, ODSAligners has the biggest network of certified doctors (2,600+) pan India who are actively providing their patients with the most advanced clear alignersystem.  ODS Aligners uses high quality materials which are either CE certified or USFDA certified for its products and advanced Clear Aligner technology which is developed from experienced orthodontists with a motto of providing high quality effective aligners at affordable price.

Price Range – Between Rs 50,000/- Rs 1,50,000/-  (Affordable than any other brand)

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