Mary Kom’s Live Class on Unacademy

Mary Kom's Live Class on Unacademy

: Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform, today conducted a Live Class for its learners by Mary Kom, the Indian Olympic Boxer and incumbent Member of Parliament with Rajya Sabha, as a part of its Legends on Unacademy program. The Live Class by the Padma Vibhushan awardee was a phenomenal success with close to 25,000 learners joining the session.

The session by Mary Kom went on for 60 minutes, wherein the 6-time world champion spoke about her journey, the hardships faced and the endearing story of how she overcame the barriers to succeed. Mary Kom elaborated and highlighted various facets of her life such as the importance of hardwork and endurance and the spirit to never give up. She shared real life experiences on how she hid her passion to pursue boxing from her father and later convinced her family to allow her to continue as she was determined to do something for the nation. She also explained how she stood tall in front of every hurdle in life – Whether it was the inability to buy the best kit during the initial days or belonging to a humble family background. Therefore, inspiring students and conveying that perseverance and dedication are one of the most important factors to achieve our goals and fulfill dreams.

Inspired by legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in her professional life, Mary shared many other stimulating thoughts in the session to motivate learners and keep their spirits high even during the tough times.

She also had a special message for all the young girls wherein she spoke about how boxing is not just a sport for the men and how even after it being a male dominated sport she continued to give her 100 percent to inspire many more from her performance.

Mary Kom answered multiple questions asked by the Unacademy learners including – parents giving the freedom to children to make their own decisions while choosing the right path, advice on how to maintain concentration levels during the academic journey, her toughest opponent and how did she overcome the multiple challenges and many more.

Key tips that Mary Kom shared during the Live Class:

● Determination is the key to being successful – There will be multiple obstacles in life but one must keep working hard and be determined towards the goals

● Never give up and continue to pursue your passion irrespective of the circumstances

● Have faith in your own self, if someone else can do, you can do it too

● Critiques in life are very important, one must learn from them and try to improve in the future

● There is nothing that comes easy, you have to defeat all the obstacles and keep moving forward

● If you choose the right path for yourself, no one can stop you from achieving your dream

● Concentration, Discipline, Determination and Will Power are crucial in order to be successful

● It is necessary to let go of stress and be calm in whatever you do

Earlier in March, Unacademy announced the commencement of the ‘Legends on Unacademy’ program with the idea of bringing legends from different walks of life to teach life lessons through Live Classes. In March, these Live Classes were conducted by legendary cricketers such as Brian Lara, Brett Lee and Jonty Rhodes, through the association with Unacademy Road Safety World Series. In April, renowned personalities like Shashi Tharoor, Kiran Bedi, Virat Kohli, and Anushka Sharma took Live Classes to inspire learners on the platform. Additionally, the recently concluded sessions include the ones Sunil Gavaskar, Sourav Ganguly and the co-founder of Starbucks Zev Siegl.