Shanghai Cuisine on the West Delhi Roads

Shanghai’s cuisine is one of the greatest and most distinctive in China. It is one of the popular styles of Chinese food, Shanghai cuisine is the youngest among the ten major cuisines of China although it has a history of more than 400 years. It refers to complicated and evolved cooking styles, like other Chinese regional cuisines, it emphasizes the use of seasonings, the quality of raw ingredients, and unique flavor combinations.

The dishes are frequently picked in wine, which makes them more crimson in color and delicious taste-wise.

Clue is presenting to you a festival full of jubilant vibes and delicious dishes to savour. Shanghai is an underrated but mouth-watering cuisine, we’re bringing it out to you all to respect the culture and conduct a variety at our outlet. Shanghai festival is going to be held from 7th of December till 22nd of December at your favourite hangout place, CLUE.

The festival is all about the tradition and religious quality of food that brings joy to your stomach. All kinds of gourmet delicacies will be served here, such as delightful dim sums, yakitori grilled, and much more to satisfy your seasonal cravings. Relish the succulent treats by coming up with your friends and family to the biggest Shanghai Festival in town.

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