Stellar Line-up at Qlik Connect 2024 Charts Future of Data and AI

Orlando, USA / Bengaluru, India, February 12, 2024 — Qlik®, a global leader in data analytics and integration, recently unveiled new details for its upcoming annual conference, Qlik Connect 2024. As companies increasingly recognize the immense value AI brings to their operations, the event arrives at a pivotal moment. It offers a platform for businesses to bridge the gap between understanding AI’s potential and actualizing AI-driven transformation in their operations. This year’s conference, taking place in Orlando, Florida from June 3-5, 2024, is set to be a critical gathering for leaders and practitioners at the forefront of this evolution.

A keynote titled “Data Taking Flight” will feature Greg Robinson, the esteemed NASA veteran behind the James Webb Space Telescope. “The success of the Webb Telescope is a testament to the power of quality data and its meticulous integration. Getting the telescope’s data foundations right, although challenging, is what made recent ground-breaking AI insights possible,” said Robinson. He will explore the significance of high-quality, integrated data used to unlock new discoveries about the universe, drawing parallels to its importance in the business world.

Meredith Whalen, Chief Research Officer at IDC, will join Qlik CEO Mike Capone on stage as a guest speaker for the event’s opening address. “The intersection of AI and data management is reshaping business landscapes,” Whalen commented. “Our discussion at Qlik Connect will illuminate how companies can align their strategies with these technological advancements to thrive in this new era.”

A cornerstone session on “The Big AI Conversation,” led by moderator Katie Linendoll, will spotlight an esteemed Qlik AI Council panel. Nina Schick, a noted Generative AI expert, and Rumman Chowdhury, a pioneer in responsible AI, will share insights on AI’s ethical dimensions. They will be joined by Kelly Forbes, who focuses on AI governance in Asia-Pacific, and Michael Bronstein from the University of Oxford, who brings a fusion of academic and entrepreneurial AI expertise. This diverse panel promises profound discussions on AI’s ethical use and innovative applications in business.

Nick Seagrave, Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Ingersoll Rand expressed enthusiasm about the conference: “We are eagerly looking forward to Qlik Connect 2024. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into practical AI applications that can drive efficiency and innovation in our operations. The event’s focus on real-world AI solutions aligns perfectly with our goal to stay ahead in a data-driven business environment and we can’t wait to see how Qlik will help us get there.”

Qlik Connect is Qlik’s annual flagship event that brings together global professionals to explore the latest in data integration, analytics, and AI/ML. This year’s event is particularly crucial as it serves as a guidepost for businesses seeking to harness AI for real-world applications and outcomes.

Registration for Qlik Connect 2024 is open, and interested parties are encouraged to sign up at Join us for an event that promises to be a milestone in the journey toward AI mastery in the business world.