Vegas Mall Commemorates International Yoga Day with Enthusiastic Celebrations

Vegas Mall, Delhi’s premier shopping and entertainment destination, proudly celebrated International Yoga Day, bringing together yoga enthusiasts and the local community for a day dedicated to wellness and mindfulness.

The celebration was led by esteemed yoga instructor Rashmi Rai, who guided attendees through various yoga practices. Her expertise and engaging teaching style captivated the audience, making the sessions both informative and enjoyable. Mr. Sailesh Kumar, SDM, Dwarka also graced the event with his attendance. His participation underscored the significance of yoga as a unifying practice and emphasized its role in fostering a healthier, more harmonious society.

Ravinder Choudhary, Vice President of Vegas Mall, expressed his enthusiasm upon witnessing the huge participation, stating, “We are thrilled to have hosted such a successful International Yoga Day celebration. Our goal was to create an event that not only highlights the importance of yoga but also brings our community together. We are grateful to Rashmi Rai for her inspiring guidance and to the dignitaries for their support. We look forward to continuing our efforts in promoting wellness and healthy living.”

The event was a resounding success, attracting numerous visitors who participated in a variety of activities designed to promote the benefits of yoga. This event is part of Vegas Mall’s ongoing commitment to its community, hosting several events each month aimed at fostering a sense of togetherness and promoting healthy lifestyles. Recent initiatives have included wellness workshops, fitness challenges, and cultural events, all contributing to a vibrant and engaged community.

The day concluded with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed commitment among participants to embrace yoga as a vital part of their daily routines.