Weaving Values into Meaningful Actions: PwC India Foundation’s Week of Action

Mumbai, 22 September, 2023: The PwC India Foundation recently commemorated the 15th anniversary of its founding day in a heartfelt tribute to its cultural ethos and the value of Seva. Over the past year, the Foundation’s commitment has translated into substantial impact, with 1200+ dedicated volunteers collectively contributing 18600+ hours of service, directly reaching more than 2200 beneficiaries across India.

Each year, the PwC India Foundation holds a week-long commemoration, addressing urgent subjects that affect communities across India. On the occasion of the 15th year anniversary of the Foundation, the excitement has been more palpable this year. Jaivir Singh, Vice Chairman, PwC India Foundation, said, “It has been heartening to see the dedication of PwCites wanting to make  a positive impact on communities. The numbers speak volumes, reflecting the commitment of our people to create a more inclusive and equitable society. As the Foundation looks ahead, its aspirations remain rooted in the spirit of humility and inclusivity, with a continued commitment to expanding outreach and support to aspirational districts across the country,” 

This year during Foundation Week, the focus remained steadfast on volunteering that has yielded overwhelming results. Employees reached out to community members through various activities by engaging in a diverse range of initiatives:

A second chance at life with digital literacy: PwC India employees made a significant impact by visiting the inmates at the Sabarmati Jail, Gujarat, and teaching them digital literacy skills with the NGO partner Karma Foundation. Special sessions on Microsoft Excel were conducted, aiming to expand the inmates’ skill set and enhance their employability upon release. This initiative underscores PwC India Foundation’s commitment to empowerment through education and equity in access to opportunities, irrespective of circumstances.

Virtual skilling for farmers: Volunteers virtually skilled farmers from Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, empowering them by enhancing their financial management skills and literacy. Additionally, insights into agricultural-related schemes were provided, potentially transforming the lives of these farmers and their communities. The session was conducted in association with the partner NGO Panchsheel Development Trust.

Empowering marginalized artisans: PwC India’s dedication to empowering local artisans took centerstage as employees browsed through an assortment of utility items made by differently-abled individuals, marginalized women, individuals with disabilities, and survivors of trafficking. The product range displayed in the office premises included delicate paper bags, intricate handmade jewelry, wallets, and home décor items. PwCIF with its partner NGO Hope Kolkata foundation arranged an exhibition of the products.

Creating a fun learning space for children: Just learning isn’t enough. Learning well and enthusiastically should be the motto. PwC India volunteers got together to turn our NGO partner Bucket List’s learning centre into a fun and encouraging place for children to learn in, by painting the walls of the centre with child-friendly art.

Preparing the seed of the future: PwC India volunteers came together to make a bed of Badam Tree saplings. These special saplings require special covers to be transported  out of the nursery for plantation. PwC India volunteers helped prepare the sapling bags with our NGO Partner Exnora International.

Education and skilling for indigenous nomadic communities: 36 PwC volunteers engaged in a first-of-its-kind volunteering alongwith the NGO partner Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan (BVVP) with 4 nomadic communities residing at makeshift settlements in the interiors of Osmanabad, an aspirational district in Maharashtra. Volunteers engaged with children from the community in various educational, sports and artistic activities. They also helped set up a small library for the children. Agarbatti making was taught to the women from the community as an alternate source of livelihood. Awareness sessions were conducted for the men on mobile and AC repair etc. The volunteers engaged with 400+ indigenous nomadic children.