Author James Brewer’s New Book, The Legend of the Emerald Cross

Author James Brewer’s New Book, The Legend of the Emerald Cross

Nocatee, FL, November 28, 2023 –James Brewer, who has spent a lifetime developing a successful business in the cattle and citrus industries, has completed his new book, “The Legend of the Emerald Cross”: a powerful story of a young man who discover an emerald cross after taking a job that robs him of his entire life, and he uses it to guide him through his journey home.

Born in 1934 in Arcadia, a small town in southwest Florida, author James Brewer has remained in the area his entire life. This part of Florida was known for its agriculture, primarily citrus, cattle, and row crop farming. Jim’s dad taught him about citrus and cattle. His mom, a schoolteacher, taught him reading, writing, and math. His close experience with the development of this part of Florida and the people who lived there inspired him to tell their stories.

“Buck Sellers couldn’t remember when he had not been a part of the fishing industry on Florida’s southwest coast,” writes Brewer. “He knew these waters like the back of his hand. When offered the chance to make some extra money by simply steering a shrimp boat for an inexperienced captain through the Placida Channel at night, he agreed. This proved to be a decision that would destroy his family and ruin his life.

“Hiding on a shell mound island outside Boca Grande, Buck began plotting his revenge. As he dug one evening during a rainstorm to even out the sand under his makeshift tent, his fingers felt a strange object—a gold cross with seven green emeralds in it.

“Buck had never been a religious man, but he took this as a sign from God. He tied the cross on a fishing line and hung it around his neck. For the first time in his life, Buck prayed and asked for God’s help. As he sought justice for his family from the waters of south Florida to the night clubs in Miami, north to the mountains of Georgia, and back to the farmlands of Homestead, Florida, the story of the cross Buck found on that shell mound and how it protected him from all who would do him harm spread, creating ‘The Legend of the Emerald Cross.’”