TSG Charitable Foundation distributes nutritional kits to TB patients in PHC Hutbay and PHC R.K Pur

In accordance with the TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan initiative by the Central Health Ministry, the TSG Charitable Foundation has committed to support the cause and has been providing nutritional kits to the tuberculosis patients hailing from poor families for the past 10 months.

As part of it, the TSG Charitable Foundation distributed nutrition kits to the patients suffering from TB in PHC Hutbay and PHC R.K Pur. The nutrition kits were donated by the Founder and Chairman of TSG Charitable Foundation Shri. TSG Bhasker showing his commitment towards Health and Wellness of Islanders.

Each kit contained a variety of nutritious healthy food items including dry fruits, pulses, cereal, milk powder and other essential items. This will not only help them to recover soon but  also boost the morale of the patients.

The kits were handed over to patients by the medical staffs of PHC. The TB patients and their family members have thanked Shri. TSG Bhasker for his concern towards them.