Innovative Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

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Are you planning to renovate, remodel or reconfigure your existing kitchen in 2023? Keep up with the latest kitchen design trends to ensure your kitchen’s relevancy and practicality.

This article will discuss top kitchen design trends and innovative design ideas to look for in 2023. Read on to learn more.

Consider natural timber tones

One of the biggest and probably timeless interior design trends is incorporating nature into your kitchen. Thus, it’s unsurprising that natural timber tones should feature among the top kitchen design trends in 2023.

There has been a high demand for natural timber for kitchen remodels, especially oak. Oak allows you to create exciting colour combinations in your kitchen by playing around with the timber instead of paintwork.

On the other hand, extracting different colours from granite, marble, or other worktop surfaces is a unique way to balance the warmth from the timber while maintaining the dynamic impact without needing paint. To ensure your timber tone stands out, consider painting your walls with a neutral colour.

Go for mixed metallics

Metal in the kitchen is back this year with lots of character. Finding the right mix can help create a statement in your kitchen’s overall design.

From brass and bronze to stainless steel and aluminium, you can choose numerous blending options and finishes for your kitchen. However, opting for a mix of two or three metal finishes to maintain cohesiveness throughout your kitchen offers a clean-finish appeal.

Using the 70/30 ratio, choose a dominant metal finish and coordinate it with an accent metal, respectively.

Adhering to these rules ensures an aesthetically pleasing and exciting kitchen space. The beauty of mixed metals is that they can fit in contemporary and conventional-style kitchens.

Incorporate statement appliances

Personalising your kitchen might be as simple as adding statement appliances to it. That’s one of the significant kitchen design trends of 2023. Ideally, these are permanent fixtures of your kitchen that help add style, colour, and beauty to centre your design visually.

A stove with an overhead hood is an excellent statement appliance for your kitchen. It’s arguably your kitchen’s functional heart, helping double your cooking and kitchen performance. Additionally, the refrigerator is another impeccable statement appliance. While past trends attempted to conceal this cooling system beneath the cabinetry, you now have an excellent opportunity to make it your statement appliance in your kitchen.

Choose retro and vintage touches

Guess what’s back in fashion? The retro and vintage touches never run out of style. However, the era you replicate might differ depending on your home’s aesthetics. Generally, retro-style kitchens are easier to reference, allowing quick customisation per your unique needs.

Furthermore, they are more affordable than conventional styles, making them a great option if you need something different but lack more time for advanced renovations.

Final Thoughts

Paying attention to these kitchen design trends in 2023 is vital in achieving a stunning kitchen remodel that will remain relevant for decades without running out of fashion. Work with a reputable kitchen remodel expert for high-quality results.

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