Architectural brilliance takes centre stage! Unveiling AD India’s 100 honourees

Mumbai, 20th January 2024: AD India, the ultimate design authority published by Condé Nast India, hosted its annual architecture and design event, AD100. In association with Asian Paints and supported by AXOR, NEYTT and National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), the annual list selected by Architectural Digest rounds up the best 100 design studios and architectural practices from India and the subcontinent. The winners were honoured at an exclusive event held at NCPA Mumbai, India’s premier cultural institution. The NCPA hosts more than 700 events each year in the fields of music, dance, theatre, film, literature and photography making it India’s largest and most holistic performing arts centre. AD was delighted to host AD100 2024 at this iconic building to celebrate excellence in design, architecture, and innovation in India. This year, the AD100 trophy, designed by Case Design, is produced by a radical new Goa-based firm called SolarPunk Futures with sustainable material and processes, and colour by Asian Paints.

Over the years, AD100 has become the most talked-about event in the industry that pools together a diverse range of talent: from the most revered names from the realms of architecture, and interior and landscape design to the tastemakers shaping the creative culture of the country. AD revealed the names of the 100 firms who have been working tirelessly to carefully restore heritage buildings and create intimate residential spaces, impactful public buildings, and lush landscapes. This year as well, AD casts a wider net in search of talent outside of the siloes of Mumbai and Delhi, looking more actively for excellence from other cities and towns, including Ladakh, Chennai, Pune, Goa and Kozhikode. Diversity and inclusivity are key to our storytelling at AD.

The AD100 list was meticulously researched and handpicked by the AD team. The exclusive evening witnessed the attendance of some of the most renowned mavens from the fields of interiors, architecture, culture, art, fashion and design.

“Asian Paints has always been a fervent supporter of design, Indian craft, and architecture. We take pride in endorsing the AD100, honouring the zenith of creative achievement. We applaud the artisans whose meticulous craftsmanship infuses life into every creation and proudly unveil the new INK Jaipur collection – an extraordinary blend of bespoke and diverse embroidery, screen, and block printing techniques, shaping a new era of artistic expression to take Indian design to new paradigms.”– Amit Syngle, Managing Director & CEO, Asian Paints Ltd

“I am absolutely thrilled to host this year’s AD100 at the beautiful and historic NCPA in Mumbai. It is an honour that I get to witness and participate in the excellence that is the AD community. This year’s list features the usual suspects who churn out brilliant projects consistently and also 13 new names from across the country doing revolutionary work. A massive congratulations to everyone who made it to the list! I am also happy to share that the trophies this year are made out of 100% sustainable material and processes. These special pieces are a representation of the partnership between Asian Paints, SolarPunk Futures, Case Design, and of course AD.”- Komal Sharma, Head of Editorial Content, AD India

Each year, at AD100, AD recognizes the works of a handful of architects and designers pushing the boundaries of creative excellence, while remaining true to their roots. Each of the projects celebrated are deeply informed by both their context and site, but moreover, they create new spaces for the public to build connections, have enriching experiences and find a community.

  1. Andagere Architects for the Samrakshan project | Vernacular Architecture

Based on the outskirts of Bangalore, Andagere Architects, an AD100 firm, led by Ajith Andagere run a project called Samrakshan India designed for the preservation and conservation of vernacular architecture in rural India. Under this project they research, document, refurbish and update rural homes in their original form and materiality. Often families prefer to simply raze these homes to the ground because it’s easier to build modern new concrete and glass structures, but Andagere takes the difficult route, one that is sustainable and also preserves a heritage way of life.

  1. Prabhakar Bhagwat for Parimal Gardens, Ahmedabad | Public garden and landscaping

The genesis of the Parimal gardens can be traced back to the 1950s when Ahmedabad thrived as a center of art and culture. Most recently, it was redesigned in August 2022 by Prabhakar Bhagwat, an important Indian landscaping firm, under the Pratiti Initiative, (funded by a local pharmaceutical major, Torrent). Elements from the original design are retained, including a bougainvillea arbour, fountains, and the lake, and new features include seating along the outer periphery, an art installation, a meditation pavilion, a gymnasium, a pet park, and an amphitheatre. Parimal Gardens masterfully emphasize a deeper bond between the garden and the city, and how important it is for our major cities to have a public, green space right in the heart of the metropolis.

  1. SNK | Somaya & Kalappa Consultants for Cathedral and John Connon School Fort, Mumbai | Restoration

Adding to SNK’s already illustrious restoration portfolio is their most recent work for the Cathedral and John Connon School at Thomas House (erstwhile Kodak House) in Mumbai’s Fort neighbourhood. Cathedral School is a very respected school of South Bombay with a strong alumni. As the student population grew over the years, the school’s management, instead of building an entirely new school, took on the challenge to restore Thomas House, a 19th-century neoclassical structure across the street from their existing building, and transform it into a school. This project reflects the adaptive reuse of a load-bearing brick-and-stone composite structure from a bank to a school. “This will hopefully be a catalyst for upgradation of all other heritage structures along the DN Road streetscape in the historically rich and dense Fort precinct,” says Brinda Somaya.


1 Adil Ahmad Adil Ahmad
2 Architect Hafeez Contractor Hafeez Contractor
3 Kavita Singh Interiors Kavita Singh
4 Matharoo Associates Gurjit Singh Matharoo
5 Matra Architects Verendra Wakhloo
6 MICD Associates Channa Daswatte, Murad Ismail
7 Nozer Wadia Associates Nozer Wadia
8 RMA Architects Rahul Mehrotra, Robert Stephens, Nondita Correa Mehrotra, Payal Patel, Romil Sheth
9 Studio Mumbai Bijoy Jain
10 Vikas Dilawari Architects Vikas Dilawari
11 Pinakin Patel Pinakin Patel