IIT Roorkee Marks Republic Day with a Grand Celebration

Roorkee, January 27, 2024 – Following a vibrant Republic Day celebration, the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) looks back at a memorable event that showcased unity, cultural diversity, and a deep appreciation for outstanding contributions within the institute.

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The day commenced with an assembly of students, faculty members, officers, and employees, setting the stage for a grand celebration. The arrival of the Director, marked by the resonant Kulgeet, initiated the proceedings, creating a sense of camaraderie and patriotic fervor. The solemnity of the occasion was further enhanced as the Director inspected the Guard of Honour, a symbolic gesture acknowledging the dedication and discipline of our institution’s defenders. Following this, the Director, with unwavering pride, hoisted the national flag, a momentous act that resonated with the spirit of unity and reverence for our nation’s sovereignty.

This Flag Unfurling ceremony served as a poignant reminder of our collective commitment to the ideals that our tricolor represents. The Director’s proud hoisting of the national flag was accompanied by the collective singing of the National Anthem, symbolizing our shared love for India. The proclamation of “Jai Hind, Jai Hind, Jai Hind” further unified the gathering, reflecting a collective commitment to contribute to the nation’s progress. This Republic Day celebration was a poignant and inspiring occasion, highlighting the spirit of patriotism and unity at our esteemed institution.

Cultural performances by students from ABN Senior Secondary School and the Cultural Society of IIT Roorkee added vibrancy to the event, demonstrating the rich tapestry of talents within the institute.

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A significant highlight was the recognition of exemplary contributions by officers, employees, and sports teams throughout 2023. Awards and commendation certificates were conferred to deserving individuals and teams, acknowledging their exceptional work. Notable mentions included winners of the 28th Inter IIT Staff Sports Meet-2023 and accolades for the Best Cleaned Bhawan and Best Cleaned Mess.

Prof. KK Pant, Director IIT Roorkee, greeted all for this historic day and addressed the gathering; he said, “Republic Day is a poignant reminder of India’s enduring spirit, unity, and progress. As we celebrate this historic day, let us reflect on the values that bind us together – democracy, diversity, and a shared vision for a brighter future. At IIT Roorkee, we are committed to nurturing the talents that will contribute to the nation’s growth, innovation, and global standing. On behalf of the institute, I extend heartfelt wishes to every Indian, urging us to continue working collaboratively towards a prosperous and harmonious India.”

The post-event ceremony also honored the winners of the quiz competition organized on Constitution Day, underlining IIT Roorkee’s commitment to academic excellence and fostering a spirit of inquiry.

The celebration, which was broadcast live on the official IIT Roorkee YouTube channel, allowed a wider audience to witness the institute’s commitment to tradition, excellence, and progress.

Reflecting on its rich history dating back to 1847, IIT Roorkee remains a beacon of academic excellence and innovation. With over 175 years of contributions to engineering, technology, and research, the institute continues to inspire generations and shape the future.