“It’s not very Bollywoodish!” says Parmeet Sethi while sharing about his experience creating Hack Crimes Online on Amazon miniTV

Mumbai, 20th November 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently premiered its latest cybercrime drama, Hack Crimes Online, a unique tale of hackers in India. Based on a novel by India’s prominent cyber-crime investigator, Mr. Amit Dubey, the engaging series directed by Parmeet Sethi features Vipul Gupta and Riddhi Kumar in pivotal roles. With cybercrime rising on an exponential basis, the series aims to drive awareness amongst audiences on the perils prevalent in today’s digital world and how to safeguard oneself. The director, Parmeet Sethi recently shared interesting insights towards the making of the show.

Parmeet Sethi Image

 While speaking about directing the most challenging scene, Parmeet said, “All of the scenes are easy and difficult, but the one we shot in the dumpyard was the most difficult. The garbage had many burning mountains, and shooting with the toxic fumes everywhere was extremely challenging. It was 40 degrees outside, which made things even more difficult. That was one of the most difficult scenes we had to shoot.”

Furthermore, he spoke about the difference between directing a series and a film, and said, “The differences are not many, but there is a much more realistic undertone in series nowadays, while films can be a little larger than life with songs in them, although we have a song in this series too. But I think the series has a little more realism, and I have also tried to capture it in Hack Crimes Online. It’s not very Bollywoodish. Secondly, the kind of topics that you take up also matter in films; we think towards commercial aspects, here we are not limited to that.”

 Hack Crimes Online is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV. You can download the Amazon miniTV on Playstore or watch it within the Amazon Shopping App or Fire TV.