Odia Samaj Tripura celebrates Karthik Purnima Boita Bhasani 2023

Tripura, Nov 27: On the auspicious day of Karthik Purnima, the members of Odia Samaja Tripura and Prabasi Odisha celebrated Boita Bhasani 2023. All the family members have joined the boat sailing ritual and prayer. Karthik Purnima is one of the major festivals of Odisha that is celebrated in the month of Karthik (November). Boat sailing is an ancient festival and ritual that has been observed for many years for the well-being of the traders of Odisha who used to sail to various countries across the globe to trade their goods.

Boita bandana Boita bandana Boita bandanakartik purnima

All the family members worshiped the boats and performed rituals like Boita Bandana. All the members and kids prayed to Lord Jagannath for peace and prosperity. All Odia people living in Tripura joined the festival celebration and greeted everyone.