Out for a Walk: June 22, 2024

Plano, TX, June 20, 2024 — Out For a Walk: Embracing Pride and Community Spirit

This Saturday, June 22, 2024, from 10 am to noon ET, communities in Long Island Beach, NJ and Alexandria, VA will come together for a unique event aimed at spreading Pride and community camaraderie. “Out For a Walk” invites locals and visitors alike to join in a celebratory group walk, bringing a burst of color and positivity to neighborhoods that could use an extra shot of Pride.

The event encourages participants to embrace the rainbow both in attire and attitude, under the theme “All Love, No Hate.”

“We’ve identified a couple neighborhoods that like flags but could use a shot of Pride, so let’s go Out For a Walk! It’s more fun to walk with friends, so that’s what we’re encouraging – a big group walk,” said the organizers.

To participate, interested individuals are asked to RSVP to ensure an accurate headcount and ample provision of flags and other materials. Details regarding parking and meetup locations will be shared soon.

Roles are also available for those looking to contribute more actively:

Grand Marshal/Grand Marcia – On-site leader coordinating activities.

Parking/Meeting Spot Czar/Czarina – Point of contact for logistics at the event.

Earl/Earless of Hydration – Ensuring hydration needs are met.

Grand Poobah of Flag Management and Distribution – Distributing Pride flags to participants.

Baron/Baroness of Beads – Distributing beads to participants.

Media Collection Master/Mistress – Responsible for documenting the event.

Senior Ambassador for a Clean Earth – Ensuring the neighborhoods remain clean post-event.

“We want everyone to feel welcome and part of something positive,” organizers emphasized. “Whether you walk, dance, sing, or play music – it’s all up to you. Let’s make these neighborhoods shine!”