Chennai Singam’s Lion on the Prowl for Team Players, 125 Players participated in Scouting Camp

New Delhi, 17 February 2024: Actor Suriya Sivakumar and business stalwarts Rajdipkumar Gupta, Sandipkumar Gupta promoted Chennai Singams saw 125 players participating in its scouting camp that was held today at Saraswati Sports Complex in Malad. All the participants were blue ticket holders for the upcoming inaugural edition of the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL), India’s first T10 Tennis Ball Championship.

lion's club

Coaches and co-owners of Chennai Singams oversaw the trials and have identified the players who could be a good fit for the roaring ethos of the team. Chennai Singams is the first franchise to conduct a scouting camp this season.

Over 18 lakh people had registered for ISPL and 350 players were selected to become Blue Ticket Holders. Former cricketers and heads of the selection committee (ISPL), Pravin Ambre and Jatin Paranjape carried out the selection process.

Rajdipkumar Gupta, Co-owner of Chennai Singams said “To be the best you need to see the best, the players make us as much as we make them. We scouted so we could identify traits such as commitment, attention to detail, self-belief, and an analytical mind besides the stomach to roar to shunt or stunt opponents. We look forward to the auction scheduled on 25th February 2024.”

The inaugural edition of the Indian Street Premier League will get underway from 6th to 15th March 2024.

Tennis ball cricket has become a popular sport around the world, transcending boundaries and enthralling fans of all ages. This fast-paced game originated on South Asian streets, specifically in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and has grown in popularity due to its accessibility and thrill. In India, the game is extremely popular, with local leagues and tournaments being held in every corner of the country.

The introduction of floodlit tournaments, indoor facilities, and professional leagues has fuelled the growth of tennis ball cricket, providing players with a platform to showcase their abilities and compete at various levels. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, tennis ball cricket has gained ground, paving the way for it to be recognized as a legitimate sport beyond its humble beginnings.